The Hungry Pumpkin, a deli and café in the Lace Market for lunch

The Hungry Pumpkin

Today I rode up on the Clifton South Tram line from the Embankment stop to pick up some lunch at the Hungry Pumpkin deli café in the Lace Market.

This delightful café is located just next to St Mary’s on High Pavement. From the Lace Market Tram stop just head towards the Cathedral past the Galleries of Justice, or slip along Broadway past all of those lovely converted old buildings.

Hungry Pumpkin Chalkboard

Their chalkboard is quite understated telling us that you can get an All day breakfast and Fresh Sandwiches, however once you enter inside you can see that they seem to be a ‘cut above the rest’.

They are a bit bolder on the menu where they tell us that they are “A unique, family owned Café deli, serving freshly prepared food with locally sourced ingredients.”

I arrived a bit late in my food day for an All Day Breakfast (I already had a Sausage sandwich from the catering van on the estate at work), so I set my sights on looking for something tasty in the realm of the sandwich.

The Menu gave me plenty of options in that genre with offerings in a Roll, a Ciabatta, in a Wrap, a Panini, or in one of your good old fashioned sandwich.

Sandwich Menu options at the hungry pumpkin

Looking back now and reading the menu that I took away with me from the Hungry Pumpkin, perhaps I missed an opportunity to try out their Club Sandwich for £4.50 which they describe as “bottom layer chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayo. top layer bacon, brie and mayo” but then again, the brie puts me off a little and I like turkey in my club sandwich. God I can be so fussy!

More Sandwich Filling Options at the hungrt pumpkin

As I stood waiting for my order I heard someone walk in and ask for a Fish Finger sandwich, a what! ? Oh my! somewhat dismayed in my mind I tried not to read the menu again where my eyes were now alighting on that item!

a “Chunky Fish Finger, Tartare Sauce, and Lettuce” for £4.50. I had to look away before my jealous eyes burnt a hole in the paper.

I had already ordered and I had chosen from the following section, and (gritted teeth) I was quite happy.

So what did I choose from the Panini Menu?

Panini Menu at the Hungry Pumpkin

So as it happened I had decided to pick something from the Panini section of the menu just to stray a little bit from my usual lunchtime selections. I quite fancied something in the hot sandwich world and I do like a nice toasted and crunchy Panini.

I almost took the chance to get my hands and chops on a nice gooey ‘Tuna Melt’ for £3.50, but that had seemed to be too safe a choice. For a brief moment I had flirted with picking the last item on that section of the menu list which was the ‘Pastrami, Mozzarella & Wholegrain Mustard” filled Panini for £3.95, but it was not to be!

Chorizo, Goats Cheese and Peppers Panini

Chorizo Goats Cheese and Peppers Panini

OK I will admit that when I said I was going to pick something a bit different I didn’t stray that far from the norm. My final decision was the “Chorizo, Goats Cheese and Peppers Panini”.  I know, I always seem to pick chorizo, I could say I don’t know why, but that would be untrue, I do it as I just love that spicy and salty meaty sausage treat!

This was a really tasty Panini, the soft delicate creamy and somewhat decadent Goats Cheese pairs well with the slices of salty and spicy Chorizo sausage. The mixed peppers (red and green) were soft, flavourful, and added something extra to the bite. The lightly toasted Panini bread was just about right and was a perfect holder for that well balanced combination of ingredients in my lunchtime snack.

If only every lunchtime meal could be as easy and successful as this one was!

Some Breakfast Options at the Hungry Pumpkin

Some Breakfast Options at the Hungry Pumpkin

Now just for a moment, just for my recollection, and for my own personal predilection towards all things breakfast shall we take a look at the All Day Breakfast section of the menu? They have loads of great stuff on offer, the standard menu has at least 12 items, not including the 3 and 4 egg omelette section. Way too many to talk about?

If I was partaking I would have to try out their Pumpkin special for £5.95 which is “2 Chorizo sausages, eggs (I fancy scrambled), mushroom, peppers and toasted ciabatta”, my only problem is that I would want to throw some black pudding and some bacon onto that plate. I might not be able to stop 🙂

Hungry Pumpkin Menu

The Hungry Pumpkin looks to be a pretty nice café to put on the list for when you need a decent place to take someone to for a leisurely lunch. It was quite busy while I was there, with people just like myself, coming and going to collect orders, but there was also enough room inside to find a table if you wanted to take your time and dine with a friend.

Located at 38 High Pavement in the Lace Market it is set in a nice quiet spot just away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, it is well worth seeking out just to get that warming relaxed welcome.

As I stood waiting and watched the interactions with the people coming in and out, I felt as though I was in some sort of extended lunchtime family. I will be back.

You can also check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter feed


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