Oscar and Rosie’s – The night before the pizza magic starts again


oscar and rosies

Ollie at Oscar and Rosies

Today was one of those days when I was so happy that I started writing The Nottingham Food Blog. About two years ago I first met Olly at the Picnic Basket where he was testing his pizza dream on the people of Nottingham, it was love at first sight and taste….for the pizza, and it was the start of a beautiful friendship with the man who makes that pizza.

Tonight it was the night before the doors to the all new Oscar & Rosies restaurant opens, and I felt so privileged to spend it sitting on a table with some of Olly’s friends sharing a couple of pizzas and drinking a couple of bottles of wine.

It is so rare to meet and make friends with a man with such passion for making great food, and every time I eat one of his pizzas I can feel the love for what he does in that food.

The as of yet unnamed Mushroom Pizza

New Mushroom Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

The first of two new pizzas that will be coming onto the menu was one that was essentially just quite simply your regular Cheese and Tomato covered with slices of Mushroom.

Now when I say ‘regular’ that was a description so far away from the reality. I don’t want to get too far down the road of using awesome too early on, but I fear that I may have to peak too soon and succumb to the temptation.

In theory this pizza is just so simple, I mean it is just mushroom, but that is the beauty of it! From the first mouthful I was sold, the mushroom gave it a really meaty and earthy taste.

It has no name yet and it does not need a fancy name. Lets keep this one quiet and just between ourselves?

The as of yet unnamed Garlic Pizza topped with Beetroot and Goats Cheese.

Goats Cheese, Beetroot and Garlic Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

The second new pizza that we ate was a variant on one of the original menu items; The Frenchman which is a pizza topped with Goat’s Cheese and Beetroot on a Rocket and Basil Pesto base.

This new pizza replaces the pesto with garlic and herb, and you know what? It is even better than the original.

I was so surprised that they have managed to create another vegetarian pizza that I am in love with. For me I think it’s better that the Frenchman, I love the addition of the garlic, you know it is there, but it is kind of hidden in plain sight, we all know it is there and we are going to be loving it.

Now I will be honest and say that I am in love with the Meat Sweats Pizza, but both of these will end up on my Oscar and Rosie’s buffet of pizza life.

In fact I actually have a craving already for the new Mushroom Pizza! OMG, I might have to take the day off tomorrow to queue up to get another one!

Inside Oscar and Rosies

So roll on to Friday 18 September when the doors open officially at the All New Oscar and Rosie’s Pizza Restaurant at 7-9 Thurland Street, Nottingham, NG1 3DR

I look forwards to sitting around one of the tables at the new place eating even more of the best Pizza in Nottingham and many of the other new items they are planning!

It really is a lovely room filled with recycled / up-cycled tables and chairs, pictures yet to be hung, each hand selected, and each with a story (or maybe pulled from a magazine page).

We or rather I look forward to coming in for real and spending all of my hard earned dollars on this most Awesome Pizza

PS. They have some really great new Mac and Cheese dishes and Salads coming onto the menu, but I was not allowed to tell you about those…ooops! 🙂

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