The Clifton Fish bar for Fish and Chips Friday

The Clifton Fish Bar

It is Another Fish and Chip Friday and another ride down the Tram Line towards Clifton South to seek out some lunch, this time visiting the Clifton Fish Bar on Farnborough Rd in Clifton. This Fish and Chip shop is just a few minutes walk away from the Tram Stop at Summerwood Lane.

On the web they are described thus “Clifton Fish Bar is a well established family run fish and chip shop that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide quality fish & chips using only the best ingredients.

Haddock, Chips, and Mushy Peas

Haddock Chips and Peas from the Clifton Fish Bar

I popped in to get a takeaway of Large Haddock, Chips and Mushy Peas. On this particular lunch time there was not too much on offer in the Fish department, I only really wanted a small piece of fish but sadly I had to make do with a really massive portion instead. Oh what a shame 🙂

As per usual the amount of food I walked away with was way too much for one man to consume on a lunchtime, so good value or a bit of a waste of food? I suppose that depends on how much of it you do manage to eat.

At first sight the Fish although large did not seem to be that good looking, the crispy batter seemed a bit thin and patchy, but it was deceptive. The actual haddock fillet itself was moist, juicy and plentiful. Huge great big white flakes of meat falling off as I cut into it. I quite enjoyed the foot long piece of fish.

The mushy peas looked the part, nice and green and vibrant looking, but they seemed a bit crunchy so maybe needed to be cooked out a bit longer for my preference.

The chips were also pretty decent, I liked the way that they were cut, thin and wide almost into rectangles. They were a good solid effort but I was only able to manage to shove about half the bag down into my ever burgeoning stomach.

All in all a pretty decent effort for a Fish and Chips Friday, and worth popping off the tram line to pick up a bag for your supper.


Clifton Fish Bar is located at 640 Farnborough Rd, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9GU



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