Jerk Station at the Nottingham Beer Festival

Jerk Station

Jerk Station are at this years Nottingham Beer Festival for the first time. I bumped into them on opening night as I was hunting around the grounds of Nottingham Castle for something different to eat. I had seen them last weekend at Goose Fair but had not managed to sample any of their food in between fairground excitement so was pretty keen to have a taste when I saw them in amongst the vendors on the path up towards the main beer tent.

On this first night of the festival they were just serving up their Jerk Chicken wraps, on the other days they will also be serving up their Mutton Curry with Rice and Peas.

I am looking forward to sampling that when I come back for the weekend, but for now I was being content with trying the Jerk Chicken Wrap.

Making the wrap

Making my Jerk Wrap

As I was waiting I watched them make up my wrap spreading mayo, lettuce, tomato, and their special Jerk Sauce onto a soft tortilla wrap

Jerk Station Chicken Wrap

Then they were grilling up a whole chicken breast to put in the wrap. I mean “Look at all that Chicken”. This was going to be one hearty spicy feast. One that pile of chicken was added onto the wrap, even more jerk sauce was added on top before it was rolled up and passed over ready for me to eat! Yum!

Jerk Station Chicken Wrap

I walked off into the dark clutching my Jerk Chicken wrap and to find a seat to pause for a moment to wolf it down before my next sample of beer. It was a really good sized wrap, I was initially a little hesitant when I saw the price of £6 for a wrap , but for all the chicken that you get it was actually good value.

It was also pretty goddam tasty! I loved their special spicy sauce, it was tangy and had enough heat to make it worth the name of Jerk sauce, but not so hot that you lose the flavour. I am thinking that there might be some roasted cumin in there somewhere? Maybe I will try and find out what is in it when I go back for my mutton curry!

The only downside is that there is so much awesome flavour, you might need to waste a third of a pint of beer washing the spice away before you get back to some serious beer festival sampling.

So If you fancy something a little different while you are at this weeks Beer Festival then I recommend that you try out the Jerk Station.

And if you are not at the Festival and see them somewhere else in Nottingham, well don’t walk past, stop and try them out!

Stop by and say hi to ‘Uncle Wayne’  @jerkstationuk

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