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Oscar & Rosie’s is the place to go if you are looking for a great slice of pizza in this fair city Nottingham. I have been a long standing champion of their awesome pizza as they have grown from the pop-up in the Picnic Basket on Carrington Street, to the kitchens at Das Kino, and now to their very own restaurant on Thurland Street.

I have been in a few times since they have opened and loved every bit of food that I have eaten each time. In the new place it is not just great pizza that they have on the menu, but also a whole lot of comforting pots of quality Macaroni and Cheese.

Here are just a few things that we have been eating, and plan to continue eating whenever we get the chance!

The Meat Sweats

The Meat Sweats Pizza at Oscar and Roises

The Meat Sweats is my personal favourite of all of the pizza that they sell at Oscar and Rosie’s. I fell in love with this combination of toppings the first time I ate a bite back when Olly was just starting to serve up the pizza magic back in the Picnic Basket when he was just there for a couple of nights a week as a pop-up restaurant.

Ever since I have forgone many opportunities to order something else in favour of having a slice of this pizza topped with ‘award winning meats’, pepperoni, smoked streaky bacon, fennel and black pepper pork on Oscar’s tomato sauce.

They casually forget to mention that awesome cheese that they use, and the crust so good that you just eat every bit of, even the bits with no topping.

For the record I have eaten many of the other combinations, but if I had just one choice left for the rest of my pizza eating life? well then it will be the Meat Sweats.

The Magic Mushroom

The Magic Mushroom Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

Even though I do love that Meat Sweats Pizza, I have found myself championing (or should that be champignon) the Magic Mushroom Pizza which is one of the latest creations at Oscar & Rosie’s.

Even though it is a pure vegetarian offering, you lose nothing of the meatiness with the chunky slices of portabella mushrooms that lay on that awesome crispy base sliding in and out of the bubbling cheese.

It might sound to be quite simple, but it really is ever so good

The Brooklyn Sausage Party

The Brooklyn Sausage Party Pizza at Oscar and Rosies

So what do you order when you walk in just before 10pm and they have no bacon, or chorizo left, AND even though you tell them that the Mushroom Pizza is a must eat dish, your dining companion refuses to eat mushrooms?

Well it isn’t hard when there is such a great menu list to choose from so on this occasion it was time to order the Brooklyn Sausage Party which is another classic offering on the menu.

Ordering this was a no brainer as it was also another one of my favourite pizzas here at Oscar & Rosie’s.

Mac and Cheese

Mac & Cheese at Oscar and Rosies

As I suggested at the top of the post, Mac and Cheese has grown up at the all new Oscar & Rosie’s and has started to fight for its right to be on that menu alongside all those glorious pizza combinations.

It is only a problem if like me you want to have it all and eat it all. Heck times are tough but a man has to do what a man has to do

Mac and Cheese Menu at Oscars

Getting my Mac & Cheese on at Oscar and Rosie’s

More Mac and Cheese at Oscar and Rosies

It is too easy to fall into a routine, and lately that seems to be ordering Mac and Cheese as a ‘side dish’ to go with my pizza. It is no side dish, it is an enormous bowl that can feed two hungry people or more sensibly at a push 3-4 less glutonous beasts.

On the last couple of visits the combination of choice has been the Mac & Cheese filled with ‘fresh ham hock and smoked mozzarella’

This is very simple but also very very good, the ham hock is bountiful and has a lovely gentle smoky taste, it mixes so well in with the cheese and pasta to make a super comforting bowlful that fills your heart with joy and also seeps into every inch of your belly filling up those cracks that exist purely to be filled with yumminess.

It really is very good indeed and you really do need have an order of it to go with your Mac N Cheese.

Other Mac n Cheese options I have tried and recommend are the Serrano Ham which is mixed with dovedale blue cheese and smoked paprika, and also the Mac N Cheese combination of ‘thyme roasted flat & wild mushrooms, taleggio cheese, and fresh tarragon’.

That last one is so good you may not be able to stop eating it after you first bite, so be forewarned make an extra notch on your belt buckle if you order that one!

Oscar and Rosies Chalkboard

As always at Oscar and Rosie’s you can rely on a Fantastic Quality Product made up of some of the best ingredients that you can find, but the one ingredient that abounds cannot be bought and that would be the pizza love of the owners and the chefs in the kitchen, that is why this place is and will continue to be so good and to serve the best Pizza in the city.

Osacr and Rosies Flyer


Check them out on their Website, on Facebook, and on Twitter, but most importantly find some pizza love in your heart by popping along to eat some fantastic food

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