Well priced Hot and Cold food at the Wilford Lane Auto’s Café – Cobs, Spuds, Toasties and Brekkie – You can’t go wrong

Wilford Lane Garage

The Café at Wilford Lane Autos in West Bridgford serves up a lot of your standard truck stop and greasy spoon café favourites. They have cobs, burgers, toasties, jacket spuds and to my delight and joy, an all-day-breakfast.

I was not expecting too much when I walked into their café last week to get a cup of tea so that was a pretty nice surprise. Tea, coffee and perhaps a cob was the best of my expectations. How wrong I was to be!

The Menu

Wilford Lane Garage Menu

There is no actual menu, all the options are written on stars stuck on the wall behind the counter. I suppose that makes it easy to update. The first thing that struck me was how reasonable the prices were.

Toast for a quid! A jacket potato with 1 filling for £2.20, hot and cold cobs from between £2.20 and £2.95 depending on how many fillings you had, a burger for £2.20! do I need to go on?

On a different day I would probably have walked out with a Toastie for £2.50, or in the cooler months Soup and a Roll for £2, but of course being a greedy little so and so my eyes alighted upon the most expensive item on the menu and the only item that wasn’t under £3.


Breakfast at Wilford Lane Garage

You are not going to be surprised to see that I ordered the Breakfast with a cup of tea, for just under a fiver you get a plate filled with a lot of fried delights and a plate of buttered toast.

It wasn’t that pretty but most of the breakfast players had been invited; two sausages, a couple of slices of bacon, two fried eggs, beans, tomatoes, and some mushrooms all entered the fray before entering my stomach.

I will concede that the breakfast is not one of your gourmet efforts but it certainly is a hearty filling affair.


Jacket Potato

Jacket Potato from Wilord Garage

I popped back a few days later to try out one of their jacket potatoes mostly because it seemed to be such great value. I mean how can you go wrong with  price point of £2.50 for a spud with two toppings? I don’t think that you can? I chose to get my spud with cheese and baked beans, but you could get most of the classic toppings as well, tuna mayonnaise was a close second when I was contemplating my lot.

It was a decent sized spud and the skin was pretty well cooked, it looked as though it had seen the inside of an oven at least. The toppings though were heated up one by one in the microwave before I had it in my clutches, which made them a bit too runny. Perhaps I should have just had the beans heated and poured over some grated cheese. Maybe next time

Wilford Lane Garage Sign

I quite liked this café, the girls behind the counter were welcoming, there is a well priced basic menu, they have tables inside that you can eat at and read your paper, and it felt pretty relaxed. I would be interested to stop in on my way to work to get a cup of tea and a bacon cob, even though it is in the opposite direction to my office.

Located on Wilford Lane it is right slap bang on one of the main routes into the city, so it is really well situated. You could if you so chose walk here from the Wilford Lane tram stop in about 5 minutes, you could also walk here from the nearby gym if you wanted to undo all your efforts.

Address: 140 Wilford Lane West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7RL

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