Munching Sweetkins’ Chicken, Fat Breads’ Kofta, and Dim Sum Su’s Bao at the Travelling Gastronome – Life is tough

Travilling Gastronome

The Travelling Gastronomers  ‘the pop up food market galloping around the UK’ made another visit to Sneinton Market last weekend. I love a bit, or rather a lot, of Street Food so I was delighted to see them back!

They had a whole load of Street Food vendors lined up for our delectation, and promised us ‘a one off magical weekend celebrating the best street food, produce and brews’

There was a great selection of vendors including; Fancy an Indian, Fat Breads, Dim Sum Su, Sweetkins, Hartland Pies, The Big Red Baker, Magpie Brewery, Jerk Station UK, and Stewarts Coffee

Sadly I only had enough room in my belly on this visit to sample from a few of them.

This time around these guys tempted me the most;

Sweetkins Chicken

Sweetkins Chicken

Sweetkins were here serving up their Tennesse styled Fried Chicken Tenders and they were the first thing on my list of things that I needed to eat! I took up the offer of three Free range fried Chicken Tenders for £6. There was a ‘hotness’ choice of naked, hot and XXX,

I wasn’t sure what to get! I wanted to try them plain so that I could taste the chicken and the coating without distractions but I also wanted to try something a bit spicy. In the end they gave me a bit of a mix and dribbled a whole lot of spicy sauce on the top one and just in case that was too spicy they added some nice cooling mayo.

My thoughts in the moment as I munched through my share of the box was about how moist that chicken was and how amazingly that buttermilk fried coating was. It was so light that you could not really believe that it had been fried, it was crunchy and tasted ‘oh so good’. The spicy sauce and the mayo were the perfect accompaniment, I even ate the pickle.

There was no downside to this dish! I was even drawn to get all fried chicken star struck on  MyFoodHunt Twitter feed; “Amazingly tender and juicy buttermilk crusted chicken tenders “

Sweetkins Menu Board

Sweetkins are based locally here in Nottingham so Follow them on Facebook and on their Twitter feed to find out when and where they will be next


Lamb Kofta from Fat Breads

Lamb Kofta from Fat Breads

Fat Breads from the West Midands were here again and I was all over them getting my hands on one of their Lamb Kofta served up in a flat bread with salad and yoghurt. The highlight was the kofta itself which was seasoned with paprika, garlic, coriander and cumin.

There were two reasonable sized sausage sized pieces in the box and it really was well flavoured, they had the blending of the spices just about right, I could have easily just eaten a whole more of that meat!

I liked the refreshing salad and yoghurt that topped the dish and there was a lot of that flatbread. I would have liked a bit more filling or maybe a smaller bit of bread (I know that makes no sense).

Fat Breads Sign at Travelling Gastronome in Notts

They had plenty of other options all of which looked pretty good. One of the people sharing our table had ordered the Falafel which was made with chickpeas, cumin, chilli, coriander and garlic. They seemed pretty happy with their lot and just like us were sharing their large filled flat bread.

I could just as easily have had the Chicken Shawarma and the Lebanese Beef Kebab as both sounded mouth wateringly tasty. I resisted temptation though as we needed to try some other stuff too.

Fat Breads describe themselves as a

 “Street food vendor serving fresh Flat breads with Eastern Flavours”

You can follow them on their Twitter Feed to see when and where they will be popping up next


Slow Cooked Belly Pork Bao from Dim Sum Su

Belly Pork Bao at Dim Sum Su

I also had my eyes on Dim Sum Su and was especially keen to try one of their Bao’s. The one with filling of slow cooked belly pork was always going to be the winner as I stood wondering what to choose.

The pork was nice and tender and it was quite lightly flavoured, it came served in a pillow like bun which was just a little bit too soft. It was topped with a scattering of crushed toasted peanuts, chopped spring onion, and what they describe as a secret sauce. I was getting a little bit of sweetness from whatever was on that pork, but would have liked a lot more flavour.

Overall I loved all the toppings and I loved the tenderness of the meat but it was a bit pricy for what you got (if I am honest)

Dumplings from Dim Sum Su

Last time the Gastronomer’s came to Nottingham I was straight over to Dim Sum Su’s to get some dumplings and it was enough to make me want to come back again for another look.

This time those Chicken Tenders from Sweetkins are the reason that I have the next visits of The Travelling Gastronomer’s Street Food Festival to Nottingham   in my diary.

I wonder what I will find next time?

The next markets are planned for the weekends of 22nd – 24th  July and 26th-28th August

Check out The Travelling Gastronomer’s on Twitter and on Facebook for day to day updates

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