The Tall Frog in West Bridgford – An Aladdin’s cave of Deli Delights

The Tall Frog in West Bridgford

The Tall Frog on Melton Road in West Bridgford is a lovely family run deli. I quite often pop in here for a spot of lunch when I am in the area. They have a really good selection of panini, hot and cold sandwiches, pastries, savoury baked items, plus homemade soups and salads. I usually like to order a sandwich made up from the selection of excellent cheeses and cold meats from the counter.

I don’t often find myself blogging about the same places again even if I go there every week, however I last wrote about this deli back in 2013 (read more here) so perhaps it is time to remind a few people all about how good it is!

This last week when we were in, I was in the mood for a jacket potato, there is usually a homemade hot topping which can change from day to day today, and on when you get here. They are very popular and can sell out fast!  Today it was a choice of Chilli and of Bolognese, but I fancied one of their cold toppings, they have some very good ones here.

Jacket Potato with Coronation Chicken

Jacket Potato with Coronation Chicken from The Tall Frog

I ordered the Jacket Potato topped with Coronation Chicken which even though I say so myself is an excellent choice. The Coronation Chicken salad here is a little thicker than other places, they are very generous meat wise and is really packed with lots of chunky chicken.

The sauce is creamy with a little bit of a citric tang, a little bit of sweet from the raisin, and a little bit of spice too from the curry powder mixed into the mayo. It is really good!

The jacket potato is cooked just as I like it with a nice crispy baked skin, I think that I get a little hint of saltiness so I wonder if they bake them will a little bit of sea salt scattered in the tray? Whether you get a  hot or a cold topping I love the way that the sauce melts into the soft potato.

Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese

Jacket Potato with Chilli and Cheese

This particular day, as a I said the two hot toppings that were available were Chilli and Bolognese, my companions on this trip each tried one of those.

The Chilli with Cheese topped potato pictured above was most certainly topped very generously with filling. So much so that I cannot even see the potato!

Sausage Roll

Sausage Roll at The Tall Frog Deli

I also had a sausage roll, it was so hard to resist, the counter was heaving with hot pastry options and they all looked and smelt so good! Somehow one found its way into my hands.

The sausage rolls here have a super light flaky pastry packed with lots of well flavoured sausage meat. I think that this might just be the best sausage roll in West Bridgford!

Cakes at the Tall Frog Deli

The Tall Frog is packed with deli delights, wherever you look inside the shop there is going to be something to take your fancy. On the counter you will find pasta salads, cheeses from near and far, and a whole load of continental meats. In the window there is often a super selection of cakes and pastries, in the other window even more deli produce, fresh veg and fruit, and all around the walls shelves of jams, pickles, sauces and more. It really is quite the Aladdin’s cave!

The Tall Frog is located at 99 Melton Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6ET and is open 7 days a week.

There is plenty of parking on the road outside and it is also on several bus routes up and down Melton Road.

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  1. “Somehow one found its way into my hands.”

    They do that, don’t they, all those stealth calories just hiding on the counter top to sneak up on you…

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      I know, what is a man to do

      1. The best way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it. 😉

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