Watson Fothergills – Ale Battered Haddock Fillet (aka Fish and Chips)



It was a Friday so it was once again time to get my hands on a plate of Fish and Chips. We headed up the hill past the castle, through the hordes of Pokémon Go hunters by the Robin Hood Statue over to Watson Fothergills to see what they had on offer.

The food at Fothergills is always excellent and they usually have a really good selection of local beer so we were pretty hopeful

Ale Battered Haddock Fillet (aka Fish and Chips)

Fish and Chips at Fothergills

We were in luck, ‘Fish and Chips’ was on the menu, although they made it sound a little bit fancier here by describing it as;

“Ale and citrus battered haddock with minted pea pureé,

chips, and homemade tartare sauce

I really do favour a nice piece of Haddock when choosing my fried fish and this beast on my plate lived up to my hopes and expectations. The fish inside was moist and held it’s shape in solid flakes as you cut it open. Interestingly they had taken the skin off the fish, which was a nice touch but not typical for a battered fish in Nottingham.

The batter is a lot darker in colour and quite a lot crunchier than you might expect to find if you were in a chip shop. I did like the crispy coating, it did have, as suggested from the menu description a little bit of a lemony twist and a bit of a malty taste from the beer. They had sprinkled mine with sea salt and flakes of parsley which was a little bit old school.

The well cooked chips were hidden beneath and there were just about enough of them to keep up with the chowing of that fish, you know what I mean, forkful of fish, couple of chips dipped into mushy pea, back to another forkful of chips, sip of beer, and continue ad infinitum until plate is empty.

The homemade tartare sauce was quite pleasant, it had a good depth of creaminess and a tart tang as one would hope. I really quite liked the minty pea puree, it had a really fresh and minty taste. I do though really like a proper pot of mushy peas so was kind of thinking something was a little amiss in my world. I would have like the minty puree with some sort of lamb dish.

Fish and Chips at Fothergills

All in all this was a really good plate of food and I really enjoyed my somewhat upscale Fish and Chips Friday.

I have found that the food at Watson Fothergills is always pretty good and this matched all my previous experiences. It was a good decision to pop in!

Watson Fothergills is located

 Situated up by the Castle at 5-7 Castle Road
Nottingham NG1 6AA
Tel: 0115 9588195

it is a 5 minute walk from the Old Market Square Tram Stop.

You can follow them on Twitter for more up to date news, or check them out on Facebook

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Pokemon Sign at Fothergills

They were encouraging the Pokémon Go hunters

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