Café Pizza on Trent Bridge – just one of my late night secret rendezvous for a snack

Cafe Pizza on Trent bridge

Café Pizza just across Trent Bridge on the South Side is perhaps one of the spots that I shouldn’t be admitting on the blog, but then again maybe it is time to be open?

She is like a late night temptress and seems to have become part of myfoodhunting world on the way back from the bright lights of the city

Always available, just when I just need to slum it, with a down and dirty burger.

I have walked in here on the way back from the Football, and even on the way to the football and had the place to myself. I have even been in during daylight hours, however

More often than not it has been a late night occasion when I have dropped in on my way back from town!

Some nights it seems that almost the entire crowd from the Southbank Bar and the TBI are in there ordering food. It can be quite a scene 🙂

Half Pound Cheese Burger

 Double Cheeseburger at Cafe Pizza

What I like about Café Pizza is that they cook the burgers on one of those flat top type grills and so you get that lovely chargrill taste on the burger and also on the bun which they throw on the grill to toast a little.

It is a pretty basic affair, the patty itself is a really solid meaty bite, not too fatty, and really well cooked on that grill. Just right for my liking.

They describe their burger as being “Grilled American Style, all served with Fries and salad (lettuce and tomato)”. The burger and the salad is well worth the visit.

It is big, it is filling, it is perhaps not clever, but is really is very tasty!

You should come here instead of one of those chain restaurants! Keep it local!

Inside Cafe Pizza

Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t fallen that far, but they do a very good burger here at Café Pizza.

I have eaten quite a few, and I am pretty fussy even after a beer or two

It maybe not be all fancy and  gourmet, but they know what they need to do in order to get people to come back.

Whatever time I have been pretty happy with my lot and have ended up walking back home along the embankment with my ill gotten food gains

Burger Menu

Cafe Pizza Burger Menu

Café Pizza is located on the South Side of Trent Bridge at 3-4 Trent Bridge Building


+44 (0) 115 981 1811

They are open from 5pm til late

They do as their name suggest sell Pizza

Which to my recollection are not bad at all

You can even order by email and text!


07401 126766


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