The “Big Breakfast” in Morrisons at Gamston

The Big Breakfast at Morrisons

Today  I ate my breakfast in the café at Morrisons in Gamston.

I decided to take a chance. This is a very dangerous thing to do, especially on a Sunday, the day that the food God gave us to enjoy the best meal of the day at great leisure.

This is serious, I really went all out in my mission to find new and untried places to eat in Nottingham.

I have to explain a little further, I was up at a decent time of day just for once and was out and about thinking of finding something to eat.

I pondered, I ummed and erred, and then figured that I really had no time to pop into town to get a breakfast anywhere decent.

So I just thought ok just pop into the nearest supermarket and get some eggs and bacon and go home and cook it. I think we have all been there.


But then as I walked in and saw the café I thought hold on a minute, are you really going to buy a whole pack of bacon? you only need a couple of slices, and 6 eggs? you only need one, and you know that you will probably eat out all week and not eat the rest! What a waste of five quid that will be.

Then I saw the M café and thought why not let them cook it for me! So I did!

I ordered the “Morrisons Famous Big Breakfast” for £4,.35, but I was up-sold (quite excellently) at the till and encouraged to also add black pudding for another 70p, add a big cup of orange juice and it was nearer £6.50 than the £5 I was wasting. Oh well “in for a penny in for a pound six pounds fifty” as no-one says

The  “Morrisons Famous Big Breakfast” is described on the menu as ‘Dry cured bacon, tasty pork sausage, free range fried egg, mushrooms, beans, hash browns, finished off with fried bread & half a juicy tomato. No wonder it’s famous’

I think that the best way to describe this meal was ‘very good value for money – quantity wise’.

I left feeling very full and they was no way that I could have bought everything on that plate and cooked it myself for the same amount of money.

I have to be honest and say that I have had worse, but also I have had better


Apparantly in 2015 Morrisons won an award for the best breakfast.

(read about that here)

A good family friend also tells me that they do excellent Fish and Chips,

Secretly I think that the truth is that it’s only £4.55 and he can eat that while his wife does the shopping and it’s a trip out of the house 🙂

In all seriousness it was worth a try, it did the job I asked it to do, and I came away with almost 500 words that I didn’t have at 9am this morning and enough food to keep me going all day.

Morrisons M café is, I assume, everywhere in their big supermarkets.

The one I visited was at Gamston District Centre Lings Bar Road, Nottingham NG2 6PS.

I come here a lot

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  1. I have been known to dine at Morrison’s at Netherfield, where the food is always adequate and the service always cheerful.

    In descending order my preference is Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Tesco, ASDA. That is both in terms of quality and value.

    The cost of black pudding in all these places is scandalous.

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