The Real Burger Company – Serving Gourmet Halal Burgers in Hyson Green

Real Burger Company in Hyson Green

The Real Burger Company (RBCO) in Hyson Green is quietly cooking up some pretty decent burgers in this city of ours. It might be a little bit out of the way from the city centre to be noticed by everyone, but really it is just a short tram ride away from the Old Market Square to the Forest Recreation Tram Stop. That is like 5-10 mins, so nothing really.

Drawing inspiration from all corners of the world RBCO is the brainchild of a collective of passionate food aficionados. At RBCO we’re on a mission to create the realest burgers in town.”

It sounds bold and it sound brazen?

I think that we should head over to Gregory Boulevard and try them out!

What did we eat?

The ‘Meet me @RBCO’ burger

Meet me @ RBCO burger

I had the ‘Meet me @RBCO’ burger which seems to be their kind of signature house burger. It is described on the menu as “100% Beef Patty, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Curly Lettuce, Bicks Relish, Caramelized Onions,  Sweet Mayo, Tomato and Chips”.

I picked this combination as it seems to be the closest to a simple basic cheeseburger that I could find on their menu

I thought that this was a really good burger for the money. The meat patty is solid, firm, well seasoned, and was even a little pink (just how I like it). Plenty of tangy salty cheese, love the sweet mayo, and the salad was crunchy as promised. Loved the toasted bun and the bread was great.

The caramelised onions could have been cooked a bit more, but all in all, every bite was quite enjoyable.

Did I like it? yes I did! but it took a couple of bites to get with the program. I will get straight to it, the Bicks Relish was a surprise, it has an identity of it’s own, cucumber? gherkin? chutney, a poor mans Branston pickle? I am not sure that I like it. I will say right now that if I come back I will ask to have the burger without the Bicks Relish. I would go so far as to suggest removing it and leaving a squeeze bottle on the side with the ketchup bottle. It is weird. (just my opinion – I did get used to it though)

Having said that, it did make the flavour of the burger sandwich stand out a little from other burgers in the city that I may eat, so what do I know anyway?

RBCO in Hysen Green

The Real Burger Company is a bit of an intriguing beast with a pretty interesting take on the humble burger. Their menu that just a little different enough to make it worth a special trip over to Gregory Boulevard to try one.

Most importantly for their local crowd and many of my friends is that their food is all Halal.

For some of my other friends I cannot promised you a gluten free trip.

Located at 64 Gregory Boulevard, NG7 5JD,

RBCO is within 5 minutes walk from the Forest Tram Stop

  You can also check them out on their  Facebook page and on their Twitter feed

Beef Burger Menu

RBCO burger menu

We ordered one of the current deals which was “DEAL 2” That was 2 Beef Burgers, 2 Chips, and 2 Drinks for £10.99



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