Son of Steak – Checking out some ‘fast casual’ Steak and Chips in Trinity Square

Son of Steak in Trinity Square Nottingham near to the Cornerhouse is a recent addition to the dining scene in the City Centre. The name of the place probably gives away the type of food on offer.

I had read that this place has opened up and that they were serving reasonably priced Steak meals. We were in the area, were hungry for meat, so we came to try

Son of Steak is part of the Mitchell and Butler’s group and is apparently their latest concept to ‘explore serving steak in a fast casual environment’. Well if that is the case then plonking yourselves down in amongst the plethora of offerings in and around the Cornerhouse is probably a bold place to start.

They say:

“It’s time for a revolution – a revolution of doing things simply. A revolution of doing things properly.

We’re the next generation of steak. Forget all the fuss… focus on the flavour”

Well Let’s take a look then

The Board outside of Son of Steak told me everything I needed to know and offered me everything that I was looking for. Steak and Chips was the name and the game at this hour on Friday Evening. I promised my mate some steak and I was pretty sure that we had found ourselves in the right spot to get one.

Flat Iron Steak and Chips

I ordered the 8oz Flat Iron steak cooked medium rare with hand cut chips and a Flat Mushrooms in Garlic butter as my sides. I could have had one of their sauces to go with it for another quid, but I was keen to taste the steak naked to see if it was any good. I figured that if I needed anything to assist then I would mix it up with that garlic butter that I hoped was going to be all over my mushrooms.

As Steak goes it was a pretty decent effort. I like the flavour and I liked the cook on the meat, I needed to season to help it out a bit though. I would have preferred it to have arrive uncut on my ‘board’ as I wondered if I have lost some of the lovely steak meat juices as it was pre-cut. Although mine was just the perfect colour, my mate who ordered exactly the same had one that was a bit greyer. But hey you know we just wanted steak, we were here for ‘fast and very casual’ not ‘Michelin Man steak’ so we weren’t bothered really.

I liked the mushrooms quite a bit, I would order those again, and I quite liked the chips too, there were just about enough to make it a decent meal.

As Steak and Chips go I quite enjoyed the Son of Steak offering. If I want a really nice sitdown Steak Dinner then I am more likely to go to my other local favourite Soulville Steakhouse, but if I just want a quick bite at a reasonable price then I might come back here. You cant really go too far wrong for a tenner.

My usual complaint that it came on one of those bloody boards was left hanging in the air, as just for once it seemed to be a fitting vehicle to display my Steak 🙂

Menu Options

They were offering other Steak Options including a special of Rump, Lomita, Picanha, and Sirloin. My Favourite to cook back at home is the Rib-Eye. The Flat iron seemed to be the best value and our friendly waitress told us that it was her favourite of all their offerings.

Elsewhere on the menu it tells you that you can get Steak and Eggs for Breakfast  / Brunch for about a fiver which does seem great value.

Son of Steak also sell Burgers and Steak Bao, so there are few more reasons that might draw me back in through the door for a bit of a Steak themed Snack

Son of Steak replaces the old Harvester Restaurant in the square, which makes sense now as the Mitchel and Butler group also own Harvester, All Bar One, and Toby Carvery.

Located at 8 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG1 4A

Check them out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter Feed

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