The Big One at The Poppy and Pint – A most excellent English Breakfast

This weekend we stopped off at the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay as we found ourselves in a breakfast situation. We were at the start of a road trip up north to Manchester for a family gathering to celebrate Mum’s 70th. On trips like this you are never quite sure when the next meal is coming from so we were taking no chances and were filling up on breakfast before we left the city limits 🙂

I last blogged about this pub back in 2012 when I was in the early days of writing The Nottingham Food Blog, you can read that post here “The Poppy and Pint – Community and Beer“.

I just did and it made me recall just how super the food is here at the Poppy and Pint, it also made me realise just how remiss I have been in not coming back more often!

Anyway you can catch up on all that at your leisure, lets have a gander at the breakfasts that we managed to get our hands on!

Full English Breakfast – The Big One

We took stock of the options and basically let greed take over as we ordered the largest breakfast that they had on offer: “The Big One”. It arrived on the largest plate that I have ever been served a single meal on. It was huge and took up at least a third of the table, when they use the word ‘big’ they take the literal meaning quite seriously.

If I am honest this was way too much food, but as I said earlier this meal had to keep us going all day and we really needed to fill up before we headed ‘up North’

This somewhat over-facing plateful of breakfast goodness contained Two fried eggs, Two sausages, Two slices of bacon, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms and two slices of toast. It was priced at a fairly reasonable tariff of £7.95 which was great value when you consider it also came with a tea or coffee. Luckily it was not priced by weight!

The Big One – from a different perspective 🙂

It was all cooked pretty much the way that I liked, the eggs were nice and runny, and just about perfect for me. I enjoyed the sausage which was crisp, meaty, and firm. I do like my bacon to be a bit crispier, but I didn’t ask them to do that, so that was my fault (next time I will ask)

The hash browns were pretty good too, often these sit on the plate as filler, but these were nice enough that I might actually choose them another time. Nice soft potato, with a hint of onion and a crispy coating. Beans are beans and the mushrooms were a bit over fried for my personal liking, but you cant win them all.

I am not normally a fan of grilled tomato, but the ones that they served me here at the Poppy and Pint were some of the best I have seen for a while. They were cooked all the way through and were full of juice to mix into my meal.

The tea was good (well hot and wet) and there was plenty of toast available to mop up my bean juice, tomato, and egg yolk.

If I am honest there really was probably too much food and my eyes were most certainly bigger than my belly on this occasion 🙂

This is probably the best pub breakfast I have had for quite some time!

Breakfast Menu at the Poppy and Pint

All things considered I would definitely come back to the Poppy and Pint for a breakfast! Sadly they do only serve the breakfast from 9.30am to 12 noon, but then again that makes it more of an event and more of an excuse to get down the pub earlier to read the paper and eat some joy.

The ‘Big One’ was great value and a great feast for £7.95, the ‘Regular’ at £5.95, which is a tiny bit smaller with just the one egg and the one sausage, would still probably be more food that I really need.

For the sake of my expanding girth I think though that next time I will be much more restrained. I think that I would downsize to the ‘Mini’ which is ‘sausage, bacon, beans, free range egg & toast’ for £3.95. It doesn’t come with a tea or coffee, but I would probably come in a bit later on maybe about 11.30am and get myself a lovely pint of Castle Rock beer instead to wash it all down! 🙂

Sound like a plan to me! Come over and try one yourselves 🙂

Apparently the Poppy and Pint have been named or as they say ‘crowned’ Nottingham Camra Pub of the Year 2017. That is not bad going since it is only April! 🙂

It really is a very good pub though, great beer from Castle Rock, some quite excellent pub food, and it trumps it all with the way it acts as a hub for the local community.

If this pub was right on my doorstep I would probably cross over the threshold on a pretty frequent basis! Probably be back next week for a work pub lunch if I can persuade the chaps 🙂

The Poppy and Pint is located on Pierrepoint Road, Lady Bay, West Bridgford.

You can get there via public transport by taking the Green Line 11 loop bus from the City Centre and then walking about 5 minutes

Check them out on their Facebook page and one their Twitter Feed


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