StreetFood Revolution UK in Hockley – Very Tasty Glazed Chicken, Awesome Couscous Salad all on Turkish Flatbread

Street Food Revolution in Hockley is located in a sort of alley alongside Rough Trade on Broad Street. I read about it a little while ago while I was out of town in the local rag where they ran a story called ‘Street Food served from a former disused alleyway in running for best experience in Nottingham

I had scoped it out at the weekend as I was out stomping around Hockley and it looked pretty good, so as I had an extra day of this week, I made a plan to stop by on Tuesday to see what they had on offer.

It was one of those days when it was trying to be sunny and that seemed enough to draw a small crowd of people to the alley and the seats outside Rough Trade, all looking to get some lunch from them too.

I felt that I was in good company, and the friendliness of Suki at the counter made us feel like we were very welcome. Top marks for the casual and trusting attitude when we ordered and I started fishing cash out of my pocket, it was like ‘don’t worry just pay afterwards or whenever you are ready’, ‘sit anywhere and I’ll bring it over when it’s ready’.

I really like that and the friendly chat about what we were up to in town, even though they were clearly busy, it was as if we were their most valued customers. That is how to do it, and how to get regular repeat custom.

You see I haven’t even talked about the food yet and I am already full of it, and full of praise, that was how we felt as we sat down, we just had a feeling and knew this was going to be a good choice.

The Daily Menu


I had checked out their Facebook page to see what was going to be on offer before we left and was happy to see what they had:

“Today’s lunch at Streetfoodrevolutionuk we have glazed chicken, Halloumi or BBQ Jackfruit with delicious homemade salads & sauces on Turkish Flatbread”

They had a sample plate of what was on offer so that you can see what you are going to get, and that looked just as good and the same as the pic on Facebook (it was probably the same plate – Doh! I just figured that out as I am writing).

Anyway I like it when they do this so that there is no confusion as to size and content, and it usually helps me to choose one place over another. I usually like it as I get to take a photo of said food, although this day it was an epic fail as I forgot to 🙂

Glazed Chicken

I had the Glazed Chicken sandwich which was essentially a large skewer of chicken with a couscous salad filled with ‘pomegranate, radish, roast carrots, pear and coriander’ on top of a large Turkish Flatbread bread. It was looking delicious, vibrant and basically pretty amazing when it arrived at our table, all this for just £6! surely there must be some mistake?

I was asked if I wanted it spicy and I said yes, when it arrived I could already see a whole load of sliced jalapeno on the sandwich and a few drops of what I suspected was going to be a spicy sauce. I was happy though to see a huge swathe of what looked like a tzatziki smeared on one slice of that flatbread, I figured it was going to be OK 🙂

Glazed Chicken Sandwich

I turned my open faced sandwich into a proper sandwich basically so that I could stuff all this awesome looking food into my mouth, hopefully with greater ease and possible slightly more aplomb.

It was a good decision as then I was able to increase the odds of getting a bit of everything with each bite. It worked! although, there was so much bread and salad that I think I might have just needed a touch more chicken to carry out that plan (or am I being greedy?)

The grilled skewered chicken was lovely, it was kind of a honey glaze (I think) with a hint of heat (but I am probably wrong). I loved the bread it was fresh and airy, you can see the air pockets in the profile.

I really liked the couscous salad and in true Masterchef ingredient challenge fashion I tried to work out what was in it. I had picked out Cilantro (or rather Coriander as we call it over here), cucumber, celery? jalapeno, pomegranate, and radish. It was left to Suki to tell us that it also had Pear and Carrot in it, I think I did well enough to replicate in one of John Torode’s challenges (#maybe).

Menu wise apparently the food on offer changes daily, One of the owners Suki told us that other days they have had lamb koftas, a pork fennel and apple burger, even a BBQ JackFruit (which sounds quite different and intriguing).

We didn’t get to chat to the main man Robbie, but to be honest I kind of shy away from talking. I just like to eat, and if it’s good I love to tell you all about it 🙂

I am quite taken with this place and I hope that they get the recognition that they deserve!

Located at

5 Broad St in Hockley
Tel: 07445 218973
Check them out on Facebook

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  1. I’m starving, and looking at that sandwich didn’t help. Looks glorious! 🙂

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      My apologies 🙂

      It was bigger than it looks too, if that helps

      1. No, it doesn’t. 🙂

  2. I’m dieting. I’m still hungry. The fact it was bigger than it looks really doesn’t help at all. (insert heart-rending sigh here)


    1. myfoodhunt says:

      I can make it worse when I tell you that Heather (Mum) was with me, she ate the same and scoffed it all too.

      1. You’re clearly a bad influence. (Note to readers – Marcus’s mum is a really nice person and would never torture a man on a diet!)

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