The Piano Cafe in Radcliffe on Trent for some Brunch

The Piano in Radcliffe on Trent is a super little café to pick up a spot of lunch or even brunch during the week. Located right on the main street running through the town it has become a bit of a local fixture over the last 7 or so years. They say that they serve up authentic Italian fare, and they also serve up many of your lunch and brunch classics too, something for almost everyone.

It was a bit of a drive away from the office, but Alison ‘My partner in Crime for this MyFoodHunt’ and I decided it was worth taking a little extended break and an escape into the country for our lunch. Some days you just have to!

I had my eye on Breakfast and Alison had her eyes on Brunch… a win-win situation then hopefully

So what did we eat?

All Day Breakfast

I selected Breakfast No. 1 which was described on the Piano menu as “2 pieces of bacon, fried egg, baked beans, tomatoes or mushrooms, 2 slices of toast & butter, tea or coffee” for £5.90

This sounded like a right bargain, breakfast and a pot of tea for under £6! I chose mushrooms over tomatoes and tea over coffee. The hot drink arrived quickly and I was happy to see a pot that I could squeeze at least 2 cups out of.

The actual breakfast was a enjoyable affair, fried and crispy slices of bacon always make me happy, a fried egg with a nice runny yolk added more delight to my plate.

The mushroom were tasty and although they did not look visually too enticing they were good enough for me.

I had a couple of slices of toast that I used one to make beans on toast, the other for egg on toast. It always works for me when I do that.

Sometimes you get a little pot of jam so that you can have a breakfast desert after your savoury egg and bacon, no such luck today though 🙂

I was very happy with this bit of basic breakfast fare, it ‘hit the spot’ and kept me going for the rest of the day!

I was glad that I didn’t make the jump up the price point to get Breakfast No.2 which was the same plus sausage, chips, and an orange juice for just £7.40.

I don’t think I could have eaten all of that!

Eggs Florentine

Alison went for one of the ‘slightly’ vegetarian options picking the Eggs Florentine. This was described on the menu as “Poached egg & spinach served on toasted ciabatta with Hollandaise sauce” and was also looking good value priced up at £5.90

I liked that you got two properly cooked poached eggs and just a dollop of hollandaise sauce on top, that sauce is nice in this dish when there is not too much smothering the stack.

I understand that the ciabatta was well toasted and a pretty good vehicle to hold that spinach and egg combo. I myself like an English Muffin in this dish (TBH I like the versions with salmon or ham 🙂 .

It all was very well received and there was no food left on either plate!

The Breakfast Menu

I quite like eating at The Piano, I have been in before and tried out their Croque Madam, a Club Sandwich, and some of their Homemade Lasagna

They were all good!


If you were wondering, yes they do have a Piano inside!


You can find The Piano café at Radcliffe upon Trent


7a Main Road
Radcliffe On Trent
NG12 2FD

Check out their weekly offers here and also

Keep up with what they ae doing on their Facebook page and on their Twitter feed

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