The White Lion in Beeston – A Brazilian Fish and Chip Friday and some Brazilian Tapas

The White Lion ‘Bar & Kitchen’ on Middle Street in Beeston was an unexpected bedfellow on a recent MyFoodHunt trip on the Tram out to Beeston.

They had some good real ales, a menu packed with burgers and classic sandwiches, just what you want from your local pub. Then though there was this whole tapas thing going on as well. The lady and the chap behind the bar were warming and welcoming, it was all looking pretty good.

Initially I was thinking that as it was Friday it was going to be another Fish and Chip supper, but then I detected that there was some Brazilian flair in the air as the hosts told me about their Tapas offerings.

We decided to split our directions on scoffing with Martin going traditional, while I took on the Tapas.

What did we think?

‘Brazilian’ Fish and Chips

Martin my erstwhile dining and real ale swilling companion took on the job of tackling a plate of their ‘what I have to describe’ as Brazilian style Fish and Chips. I am pretty sure that the verdict was bordering on and around the area of “interesting”. The dark brown batter coating was tasty, the dark colour from the ‘apparant’ addition of beer, but it was a bit on the chewy side. I can concur as I helped myself to a few mouthfuls just for quality control purpose 🙂

The fish itself was white and flaky and juicy, but it was hidden inside that very solid batter that made it seem hard work, it was bit like peeling the fish. I wasn’t sure whether it was cod or haddock or some other white fish. I am pretty sure it wasn’t tabaqui 🙂

The chips were solid and also pretty dark in colour but they seemed ok to me, the addition of a small side salad as opposed to a pile of mushy peas was an out of the box move that, as a purist, saddened me slightly. It was in keeping though with the theme of the food and made it all look and seem a bit fresher.

Tapas at the White Lion

Normally it is my job to scoff the Fish and Chips but on this occasion I had my eye on their Brazilian Tapas, there was a choice of 3 dishes for £8, so I made that choice.

I picked the Spicy Meatballs described as “Baked Meatballs in a Rich Tomato Sauce with a Little Chilli to Give it a Real Flavour Punch”. I had a little pot with about three solid and meaty balls smothered in a thick tomato sauce. There was definitely a little bit of chili to spice it, but the main taste was a kind of fennel or cumin hit, it was little sharp tang. I liked them well enough, but not enough to choose them as a full meal where they serve them with spaghetti it seems

The next choice was the Feijoada which was described as “A Brazilian Stew of Beef, Pork, Smoked Sausage, Chorizo with Black Beans, Onions and Spices”. This had an interesting flavour almost sultry and dark. I wasn’t sure if I liked it as a tapas, I only had a couple of slices of sausage in my pot and a whole load of black beans. You could order this as a meal on it’s own, and of I did that I would really want to get all the meaty bits that were promised

The best of the three choices was the “Brazilian Strogonoff” which was “Pieces of Succulent Chicken Breast and Mushroom Cooked in a Creamy Sauce, Finished with Mustard”. Now this tapa was as promised, nice and creamy, a light hint of mild mustard in the sauce and plenty of chunks of mushroom and chicken

All in all my feelings on the Tapas at the White Lion were a little mixed, I liked all the flavours, but I wanted more. The best description would be solid and hearty.


The White Lion in Beeston is located at 24 Middle Street, Beeston Street, Lawrence, NG9 1FX

It is an interesting place serving fusion of a kind with a Brazilian take on Pub classics alongside an array of Brazilian Tapas.

They have good beer and a welcoming atmosphere

Check them out on Facebook



Bits of Menu



Burger menu

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  1. Reading this blog is not only whetting my appetite for some ‘pub grub’ but also making me realise just how many pubs I haven’t been to in Nottingham…there’s loads!

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