All Day Breakfast at Cafe Victoria in the Victoria Centre Market

Café Victoria is one of several cafés in the Victoria Centre Market up on the top level of the intu centre. There are several other greasy spoon type establishments in the market that all seem to have similar menus with lots of daily specials. I am going to try and work my way through them all, but today I picked Victoria Café as this seemed to be the brightest and most spacious of them all.

The had some classic café daily specials like Cottage Pie which was pretty tempting, but I was in the mood for breakfast. I know I am always in the mood for breakfast, just let me roll with it 🙂

The All Day Breakfast

I ordered the All Day Breakfast for £4 and a mug of tea brought my total up to £5.10. Now considering at the time that I was dining in a market café that had seemed a lot, but then I considered that I went on to pay £5.20 for a craft beer at a city centre pub so it wasn’t that expensive after all 🙂

It was all very much as expected, cheap and cheerful, but not as cheap as I had hoped. Ingredients wise though I think we are on the budget end of stuff, which is fine with me, sometimes a good all day breakfast is better when it does not try to be posh and clever.

The sausages looked and tasted fine, but they were those less solid slightly mushy ones, probably not as much meat in these ones. The bacon was ok too, it could have been crispier, but I didnt ask for crispy so I got what I got. There were two fried eggs, one slightly broken, the other one I broke myself moments later 🙂

There was plenty of juice with my beans, and some of that tinned tomato that I am not so keen on, but that I know many people love, I use mine as ‘rustic’ ketchup.

Breakfast Menu (part of)

Officially my All Day Breakfast was described as being “2 bacon, 2 Sausage, 1 Egg, Tomatoes, Beans, 2 Breads and Butter” so it looks like I did well for myself as I got two eggs!

Maybe they gave me an extra one as one was slightly broken, if so then that was jolly nice of them! I like to think that is what happened so thank you very much! 🙂

I got the most value that I could out of my breakfast plateful by making two small egg and bacon sandwiches with my bits of bread and butter. As a bacon and egg butty seemed to be about £2 – £2.50, I like to think I broke the breakfast system there 🙂

All in all it was kind of what I was expecting so I was fairly happy with my lot and was glad that I ventured up to the market to sample.



The Victoria Cafe can be found at 42-43 215B Victoria Market

It is right at the back of the market and overlooks the road that leads to the car park, so the views are spectacular if you like traffic 🙂

Although because there are lots of windows it is very bright and airy and you can actually see quite a bit of nottigham from the window 🙂


There are several other cafés in the market and I kind of feel the need to try them all out for comparison and not just because I like a greasy spoon breakfast 🙂

I will report back to y’all when I do

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  1. Lance Norman says:

    Without question the Best in the East Midlands FACT

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