The Boathouse Cafe at Beeston Marina – BLT and a Toasted tea cake … nice!

The BoatHouse café at Beeston Marina is one great spot to find if you have been on a big bimble along the River from Bridgford to Attenborough Nature Reserve.

On their website they say that it is:

“Run by Sandie and the (completely!) irrepressible Tony, the Boathouse Café offers 
a great place to stop and refuel! Try one of their full breakfasts & you’ll be back!”

Sadly though we arrived a bit late in the day so we could only get something from the Bagels / Sandwich menu and / or some chips. Fair enough it was about 3.45pm and they were closing at 4.30pm. We had thought that there were open later, but I think that was just walkers hopeful imagination.

I really wanted a breakfast so I will be back to try one of those for sure, especially when I saw you could get a small one of ‘Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Tomato, Toast or Fried Bread AND a free drink refill ( I assume a mug of Tea) for £5. I might mention it later down the bottom of the post, but you know I have my eye on bigger plates than that 🙂

Anyway we picked ourselves up and chose some stuff from what we could. That was a BLT sandwich and a mug of tea for me, and a Toasted Teacake and a mug of Coffee for Mum. All in this came to the bargain price of £5. Maybe Sandie and Tony did my wallet a right good favour here 🙂

BLT sandwich

So as I said I had the Bacon. Lettuce and Tomato sandwich or the BLT or as we like to say these days. I was pleasantly surprised as I really was not expecting too much perhaps just a sandwich made up with pre-prepared stuff from out back?

Oh no, I was very wrong, it was some nice white sliced bread filled with freshly cooked hot bacon, some freshly chopped up tomato, and some chopped up lettuce. It looked like someone had just made it up quickly all rustic like and that was probably what had happened.

I really liked it and not just because I was hungry from that walk along the river to get here. It really hit the spot, so much so that I didn’t miss my dream choice of the breakfast.

The mug of tea was spot on too, so refreshing, I like this sort of place where they give you the mug with the tea bag in, hand you a bottle of milk and just let you get on with it. Just as if you were at home in your own kitchen

Toasted Tea Cake

The Toasted tea cake looked good too all smothered in plenty of butter, or butter like spread. It was looking even better when you know that it was just a quid 🙂 I should have had one for my pudding after the BLT! 🙂

They had other cake type stuff on the counter as well, so plenty of options if you fancy something sweet with your hot drink!

Other Menus

So as I said up top the Breakfast sounds good, I am most certainly coming back to eat and  post about this. If you check out the website they have a picture of what this is all about and it makes me hungry just looking at it! I think the picture might be of the bigger breakfasts as I can see large hash browns and doubled up bacon, eggs and sausage. I’ll be back for that!

Boathouse Classics

There are Lots of café classics on offer too! I can imagine living down here on a boat and popping in for some regular stuff. I saw a boat advertised for £900 on the river nearby and reckoned I could just live here and munch my way through the menu this summer 🙂

I can also see why my Mum’s walking pals like it here too as OAPs get these classics for just 4 quid!

I have my eye and my belly has it’s eyes too on the ‘Gammon, Egg and Chips’ in the warmer weather and the Sausage, mash and gravy if its a colder day! 🙂

But first order of business is to come back for one of the breakfasts!


The BoatHouse Café is located at

1A The Quay
Riverside Road,




Tel: 01159 223 168

Check out the deets on their Website



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