Harringtons Fine Foods in West Bridgford for a Beef Cob – Rare Roast Topside, an excellent fresh made deli sandwich

Harringtons Fine Foods at Hilton Crescent in West Bridgford is a fantastic deli selling meats, pies, sandwiches, cheeses, jams and ‘jars of all sorts’. It has been a while since I drove down to the precinct to see what was going on.

The last time I was checking out the food here was back in 2013 this place was David & Angie Nicholls – “Traditional Butcher and Deli” ‘purveyors of fine foods’.

I had some pretty good well made sandwiches back then and so today when I was driving down past the playing fields on Alford Road, I remembered that there was a place, so I veered off to see if it was still there. It was, kind of..

As we now know that place is now called Harringtons Fine Foods, and as I said I popped in 🙂

I was mainly checking out the Sandwich and Cob Menu

So as a Nottinghamian by dwelling, I have to question the use of the word ‘roll’ and not ‘cob’, but then when I saw that it was actually served in a roll I was forgiving 🙂 . The chalkboard menu is simple, yet grown up. They have a lot of well to do fillings here, the sort that are perfect for the West Bridfordians and the Edwalton fringe.

They also have a lot of my favorites, so even after this post, I will probably pop back in from time to time in between MyFoodHunts for a snack. I really fancy the sound of the ‘Black Peppered Haslet’ and the ‘Shredded Chicken Tikka’ both well priced at £2.45. I also was pleased to see the excellent priced classics of a ‘Free Range Egg Mayo’ and a ‘Cheddar Cheese’ at just £1.95. Excellent value!


Rare Roast Topside Beef filled cob with salad

I picked out one filled with the “Rare Roast Topside Beef” for £2.45, and then I added the salad option of ‘Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, and Red Onion’ for another 45p. There was butter and mayo, but that was for the love of the sandwich and at no extra cost 🙂

What I really like about the filled rolls here is the filling to bread ratio. It is at least equal which pleases me no end, far too often places seem to think that they can get away with selling you a lot of bread with very little in it. Here at Harrington’s they had packed my roll out so that it was bursting the seams with a lot of sliced beef topside and just enough salad to make my stomach feel slightly smug.

The sliced beef was as promised on the ‘rare’ side and it had a great sweet meaty flavour, a nice bit of seasoning and that soft tender bite made this heaven in a bun 🙂

Got to get me a Pork Pie!

I was unable to resist the temptation of the pork pie 🙂 It just looked so beautiful and perfect sitting their in the cool counter cabinet alongside all of it’s other deli friends.

It was a fairly excellent pie as well, the filling was meaty and solid, with a nice bit of peppery seasoning. The bit I love the most though is that jelly in all the cracks. I know that is the bit that puts some people off a pork pie, but for me it is the best bit that makes the whole pie divine! 🙂 The hot water crust was a bit solid to be honest, but it was very well made and I would get another one like a shot! 🙂

I have plans though to come back for one of their Breakfast Rolls. It is sort of on my way to work and I want it all, homemade sausage for £3.20 and Dry Cured Plain Bacon for £3.20 oh but I would be adding a local free range egg for that 60p. I will bring my own brown sauce 🙂


Harringtons Fine Foods is

Located at

24 Hilton Crescent
NG2 6HT West Bridgford

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