Grillish on Mansfield Road – Tasty and Excellent Scratch made curries and more

Grillish on Mansfield Road was an excellent find this week. We popped in after a few beers on Mansfield Road for a little bit of sustenance and ended up staying for an hour to chow down on a quite delightful scratch made curry.

The Charcoal Grill was in full flow as we walked in cooking up some lamp chops for another fellow diner. This kind of got me hungry as I pondered my options.

As you would expect this place was offering a lot of kebab type fare. Those lamb chops were looking and smelling pretty good, but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a kebab type situation. I know you are wondering why I came into a kebab shop then?

Well it was a recommendation from my mate Antony who just dragged me in here on the way back from the excellent Lincolnshire Poacher, he said it was really good, but then again he did say it was called Istanbul 🙂

Anyway I just asked the chap behind the grill what he recommended and he said the mixed meat curry, so we both ordered that. That is how easy we roll here at MyFoodHunt these days 🙂

Mixed Meat Skewers for our Curry

The meat for our curry was cooked on the kebab skewer over the Tandoor. Fair play to the guys for letting me pop out back to take some photos. While the chap up top was grilling the meat, some other guy downstairs or down in some basement kitchen was cooking up the sauce or gravy as they say for the curry.

Mixed Meat Curry

This Mixed Meat Curry at Grillish was honestly one of the nicest that I have eaten for a while. I asked our ‘host’ what was in it and he told me:  ‘Haldi (turmeric), cumin, black pepper, tomato, onion, and gravy’. That kind of oversimplified the whole bowl, this was a seriously tasty curry.

Curry with Naan

We were mopping up our Mixed Meat Curry with a rather large plain Naan Bread. This was and is always a much better choice for me that having rice as that just swells up in my belly and makes me feel over full.

No honestly this curry was so fresh and light, packed with sweet and savoury flavours, it was better than many I have paid a lot more for up on Maid Marian way. I think that what really makes it was that it was cooked from scratch, to order, right in front of us, so we felt special and it was special. No mass catering or using the same basic sauce for 10 different curries here at Grillish.

I am often walking up (and down) Mansfield Road on a bit of pub crawl, and there are a lot of takeaways, chicken shops and kebab joints plying away for our trade.

I can thoroughly recommend trying out Grillish,

As they say themselves ‘Fresh, Healthy, Quality’. Ok I’ll go with that 🙂

Located at

69 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FN

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Sizzler Menu at Grillish

Mains at Grillish


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