The Humble Cat in Radcliffe on Trent – Super Friendly and Quaint Tea Shop

The Humble Cat in Radcliffe on Trent is a very homely little café. the day we went in it was packed out, almost every table was full with the blue rinsed ‘ladies wot lunch’ and a number of families all taking in luncheon and tea.

I last wrote about this place back in 2013 when I posted The Humble Cat in Radcliffe on Trent – Good Food and Friendly People” and it seems as true today as it was back then. As people walked in the girls behind the counter seemed to know everyone’s name and what they probably wanted. I love places like this 🙂

The last time I was here I recall having a rather lovely coronation chicken roll, but today I was in the mood for something in the genre of brunch, and something slightly more elevated than a bacon and egg cob. So it came to pass that I was perusing my options from the ‘light bites’ menu

Light Bites Menu

The Humble Cat Light Bites menu has a lot of grown up stuff on it. I could not cater for my ‘greasy spoon cravings in this establishment 🙂

I had to suck it up and turn up the dial to ‘marginally respectful diner’. In the past, when in this situation I tend to gravitate towards the benedict end of the breakfast scale. what I would call ‘posh eggs on toast with other stuff’ 🙂

My options were Eggs Benedict with mushrooms, ham, or salmon. I went for the classic deli staple – ‘Smoked Salmon’

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

The Eggs Benedict with Salmon was a jolly decent affair, not the sort of holiday romance affair that one may have on a tourist beach on a Greek island, perhaps more like an illicit encounter with that posh girl from accounts who liked Pino Grigio and probably owned a pony.

The toasted bun was jolly well done, nice and crisp. The sliced smoked salmon was plentiful and covered every inch of the bread and more. The eggs were poached to perfection and yielded a nice burst of runny egg yolk when one cut into them. There was a fair dollop of hollandaise sauce on top which was a bit sharp and vinegary. Perhaps that was needed to cut through the rich yolk and the smoky fish?

Cheese and Onion and Tomato sandwich


My lunchtime partner-in-crime Alison asked for one of the Humble Cat Sandwiches, the option on the menu was ‘Cheese and Onion’ or ‘Cheese and Tomato’. I am not sure if she had her glasses with her as she requested ‘Cheese and Tomato and Onion’, that was fine though the lovely girls behind the counter just brushed off this eccentric request and it was ordered with no extra cost. I reckon we could have got away with some lettuce too 🙂 or maybe that technically could have been a ‘cheese salad’ sandwich 😉

OMG such digression, It looked pretty good when it arrived, a great big stack of sandwich cut in triangles that made it look like you were getting loads more food! It also came with a side salad with lettuce, tomato and onion plus some crisps! *Note to Alison, next time just order a cheese sandwich, and we can make our own cheese variety pack sarnie 🙂

Lots of Posh Tea

We were loving the pots of Tea here at the Humble Cat! Lots of colourful chintzy tea pots, cups and saucers abounded the place. I like that we had such a random mismatch, my cup went with Alison teapot. It was good value, I had proper tea and my pot had at least 3 cups in!

Alison had Earl Grey, which apparently comes with fruit, just like Gin and Tonic only a bit hotter! 🙂



I am denying eating any Cake. This picture of a slice of Victoria sponge was purely a record of a slice of cake placed on our table, I have no information as to what happened to it after that 🙂

Apparently this happens a lot here, cake just goes missing in action and people just pay hush money to keep the story quiet 🙂

The work on the street is that these homemade cakes magically reappear the next day, just as if someone had freshly baked a fresh one to cover up the Bermuda triangle type cake rumours!

Breakfast (and early lunchtime brekkie) Menu

I admit that I missed reading this section of the menu until after I had ordered.

The idea of a Full English served up in such a quaint little tea room is almost enough to have be running for my blazer and tie 🙂

Those magic words ‘Bacon, Sausage, Fried Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, and Toast’, well they get me everytime.

The Humble Cat is located in Radcliffe on Trent at

11 Shelford Road
NG12 2 Radcliffe on Trent

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