The Tea Cosy Cafe in Edwalton – Cakes, Sandwiches, and Breakfasts ‘thanks very much’

The Tea Cosy Café in Edwalton is located alongside and kind of inside the post office on Earlswood Drive. They have a Facebook Page and a website too.

The last time I blogged about a café in the post office it was called the Chai ‘n’ Coffee House and was a café with an Indian twist (read more).

I understand though that now it has been taken on by the Tea Cosy people and has been running well for the last few months. On an earlier visit I overhead them talking about how well it had been going, so that sounds like great news as this is a really great spot for a café!

Today I was on a bit of a bimble and a bit of a mission, I had persuaded my mate Antony that we really needed to check the new place out and so he came on a 30 min stroll with me down from the business park to get a spot of lunch, or as it happens a bit of a breakfast.

As we sat and put the worlds to rights, the Tea Cosy people looked after the more important part of feeding our souls and our stomachs. It was a fair trade in the MyFoodHunt Life.

Lets do this 🙂

Menu Inside

The Tea Cosy Café Chalkboard Menu inside gave much food for thought. I suppose we could have just had a sandwich for £2 or a Toastie for £2.25, but what fun would that have been on a MyFoodHunt? 😉

Oh no, I am pretty sure by now that you all know that I was going all in, guns a blazing and would have my stomach set and eyes fixed on the English breakfast 🙂 A large one at that for £5.50!

Classic Breakfast Situation

So we find ourselves once more in a classic ‘Breakfast situation’. It was a jolly big affair too as we took over the whole table surface with our breakfast plate, toast, and tea pots!

Lets get to the detail! 🙂

Large English Breakfast

The ‘Large’ English breakfast was filling our plates and if I am honest just for once I was slightly overwhelmed! The lady behind the counter had done us proud, we asked if we could have our bacon nice and crispy and our sausage well done. That was what we got too! The bacon was super crispy and really well cooked. The sausages were also crisp, perhaps not the most gourmet, but cooked very well.

There were two really well cooked fried eggs, looking all bubbled from where they had been rolling around the oil in that frying pan. They both had lovely runny yolks as well, nice and yellow and prepared just right for me.

I am usually not that bothered about the beans or the tomatoes on my all-day breakfast plate, but I have to say that I quite liked these beans as they had made the effort to heat them up properly in a pan. Trust me we can tell when someone takes the microwave shortcut and I did appreciate the extra thought.

The tomatoes were those big tinned plum ones that come in quite a thick tomato sauce. I didn’t eat them all, there was too much to be honest and I think if and when I come back I will probably decline the offer of tomato.

I liked that I also had two nice slices of warm toast, one used for dipping in my egg yolks and the second one turned into a ‘beans on toast’ situation. ‘Lovely Jubbly’ 🙂

Tea for Two

We had Tea for Two which was £3 and came in a big pot. This was excellent value as we squeezed two cups each out of that pot, and I even managed to get a third cup out for myself!

The Tea Cosy Café Chalk Board outside was offering ‘milkshakes’ for £1.50 and a ‘meal deal’ of £3 for a sandwich, crisps and a drink. That is not bad these days!

The board splashes all sorts of thoughts with not so subliminal words popping up ‘Homemade Cakes, ‘Breakfast Cobs’, ‘Panini’, ‘Toasties’. They also purvey the same message on their Facebook page where they even post picture of those cakes!

Maybe if I had only come to post a letter? and then I am thinking of food? True story! 🙂

I came in the week before after a gentle bimble to post a letter and did indeed succumb to temptation by stopping off for a Latté and a slice of some sort of millionaire slice.

The coffee was excellent and that slice of gooey chocolate and treacle on a shortbread base was very and I mean very rich and decadent. Nice!

The Tea Cosy Café is located at
38 Earlswood Drive (next to the Post Office)
NG12 4AZ

Check out their Facebook Page



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