Notts Station Street Food Market – The Gravy Train Street Food stall serving up some Classic Poutine at Wolf Down Pop-Ups

Today I stopped off the tram for lunch at the new pop-up Street Food market by Nottingham Train Station. It is being organised by Wolf Down Pop Ups and will be there on Thursdays and Fridays underneath the Tram Bridge on Station Street.

The Gravy Train were there today serving up their take on the Canadian classic Poutine. So I made a beeline for their stall to see what they were all about

What is Poutine?

I could spend ages trying to explain what Poutine is, but they had put a very helpful sign up to explain the concept to the hungry passers by.

I do like Poutine and always describe it as like chips and gravy with cheese, only a lot posher and with much better ingredients.


The Gravy Train Menu was offering the Montreal which was a Classic Poutine with a choice of beer or mushroom gravy for £5 and a big upgrade version called the Pioneer which was the classic poutine with BBQ shredded chicken, maple bacon and sour cream for £6.50.

It all looks good but I suppose possibly a bit pricy for some? I heard one couple, who walked by, mutter ‘6 quid for chips and gravy?’ Oh if only they stopped and tasted it 🙁

The Frenchie

I went in the middle of the range and ordered The Frenchie, mainly because it had a lot of toppings that I like 🙂

The Gravy Train version of this dish is the Classic Poutine, which was your ‘crispy rustic french fries’, ‘squeaky cheese curds’, and gravy topped off with Mapled Bacon, Sauteed mushrooms, and red onion marmalade.

The gravy was money, it had a kind of rosemary and garlic flavour, or maybe that was my taste imagination? I liked the mushrooms and there was a lot of that slightly sweet and smokey maple bacon. It was plentiful.

Loved the cheese curds they were salty and tangy and are the item alongside the gravy that really brings a Poutine to life.

I quite liked the very crispy chips or fries as they call them. They had a real good crunch to them and a lot of places could learn a thing or two about how to cook a french fry from these guys! 🙂

You certainly did great a big portion so it was probably worth the price and the poutine itself was actually not a bad rendition at all.

I would come back and eat another one, so lets leave that as the summary 🙂


The Gravy Train can be found on Twitter and on Facebook and all over the place selling their Poutine

The Street Food Market will be here under the bridge on Station Street every Thursday and Friday check out Wolf Down Pop Ups to see who, what , and when on their Twitter Feed and Facebook Page


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