The Flying Circus Pub in Newark – Nice Spot with Local Beers

The Flying Circus Pub was a great find on our recent the pub bimble around Newark. Martin is looking particularly keen to get inside and check out the claim on the chalkboard  that they have “Newark’s Largest Range of Beer”

So was I but you know the post needed a picture 🙂

On their website they claim that  “you’ll be challenged with beer you may not have seen or tasted before. Here, there are no major corporate lager giants, and wherever possible we have used handcrafted small batch breweries”

That sound like my sort of place!

Norwegian Blue – A Newark Brewery Beer

Inside it was as expected with a whole load of beers on the pump that I had not seen before. We opted for a pint of Norwegian Blue, which is a ‘Newark Brewery Beer’. The choice did have a lot to do with the Monty Python reference to the Dead Parrot sketch but also to the fact that it was a local Newark product. We love a bit of local at The Nottingham Food Blog!

I really enjoyed this pint, it was very refreshing and very easy to drink. If we had not been on a bit of a beer bimble mission then we may well have stayed here for a while to sup a couple more of these beauties. The notes on the Newark Brewery website describe the beer as Deep golden modern pale ale. Grapefruit & orange citrus notes”

Food wise I was really tempted by the chalkboard offer of their ‘legendary’ Cuban Sandwich. Even looking back at it now as I write I really wished that I had eaten one. I do love a good Cuban sandwich and have yet to locate a decent one in the UK so this is a great reason to pop back to the Flying Circus on another day.

The Flying Circus had a fantastic hidden away outside seating area alongside the pub and out back. It featured the Barrel House which I understand is opened up when they have events at the pub. It had a load of pumps so looked like they also had plenty of real ales on offer outside too.

At first we thought we had found a different pub next door, but that was just the surprise at how much space this place was taking up and how good it all looked.

This is definitely one to add to the Newark list, and even though I am not a massive fan of live music, this place looks to be a great place to come if you are as they had a nice stage inside for the bands to play at, and also a lot of seats right down the back of the garden for those like me who want a quiet spot while my mates are rocking out inside 🙂

The Flying Circus Pub in Newark is located on the main road through the town

53 Castlegate, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1BE
T: 01636 302 444 E:

You can also check them out on their Facebook Page


You can check out The Newark Brewery on the website and also their Facebook Page and Twitter Feed



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