Breakfast at The Bank Pub in the Market Square

The Bank Pub on the Market Square in Nottingham is located in the building that formerly hosted the Barclays Bank, an establishment that for many years I trusted to look after my hard earned piles of cash.

These days however I have transferred my late night Friday trust to the pub known as the Bank to provide me and my mate Martin with some late night pre bus adult beverages.

I would not say that we were regulars, but we seem to sit on exactly the same table each week, and the ladies behind the bar seem to know what our default drink order is. Oh dear indeed :

Breakfast Menu

We usually arrive well after food service has stopped and that also nearly always ends up with some drunken discussion about the menu and a question of who it is that actually comes here in the morning to eat the breakfast! They open at 9am you know!

So anyway, the conversation usually starts (every week) with my comment that you could get a basic breakfast of bacon, sausage, fried egg, hash brown, bean, tomato, and toast for just £2.99.

This usually moves onto a discussion of the next options of the Large breakfast and the Mega Breakfast and some sort of trading options whereby

‘If I got the Mega-breakfast which comes with three pork sausages, would you trade your bacon‘, followed by the realisation that we cannot eat 6 sausages, or 6 slices of bacon,. etc

I suppose you have to be there, but trust me this is long in depth conversation about food, mostly gluttony, but essentially a meal that we were never going to eat 🙂

Well until we made a pact to turn up and eat one of the goddam things 🙂

The Large Breakfast


“And so It was that it came to pass”

We met up at the sensible time of 10am, found our usual table and ordered the more sensible option of the Large Breakfast which was Two bacon, Two Sausage, Two egg, Tomato, beans, mushroom, hash brown, beans and toast for £4.99.

I figured that it would not be sensible to order a large gin and tonic so instead I added an everlasting mug of tea for a quid and I was all set.

The Large Breakfast

OK so now the reality of the situation. It was ‘fair to middling’ if I was pushed to give a verdict on the plateful.

I liked my fried eggs as the yolk was still runny, and I liked my toast as it was at least well browned. The bacon was harmless enough and the sausages had a decent flavour.

I wasn’t very keen on the tomato, the mushroom was OK, but the beans looked to have been cooked to within an inch of sadness.

It was pretty much what I had expected if I am honest, a big filling plate of food to set you up for the day, but without any great frills, bells or whistles.

I was happy enough with my lot and the staff here at The Bank are always smiling and friendly, so I had no real complaints.

I would say that the best value would be to get that £2.99 breakfast as that is probably plenty enough of the greasy fried stuff first thing in the morning!

It is probably a better deal if you are staying in a nearby hotel and need something at a decent price.

The Bank is located at 8-9 BeastMarket Hill in Nottingham right by the Old Market Square.

The buses from South Notts stop pretty much right outside

It is usually pretty empty late on so you get served pretty quickly 🙂


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