Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream at Yumi

Yumi on Radford Road is a super little Ice Cream Parlour in the midst of the main shopping area in Hyson Green. It is equal distance between the Forest Tram Stop as you head out of town and the Hyson Green Market stop as you head back into town.

I read on their website that the owner Mohammed Abbas had a dream to open the first ice cream parlour in the city for 10 years so he converted his Dad’s clothes shop into a 50’s style ice cream parlour. They sell 55 different combinations of ice cream, sorbets, and have cakes and waffles too

Step 1 was to “Pick your cone” ok, so I know that was pretty obvious I mean it was this or the ice cream huh? But you know some of us are just used to asking for a “99 with a flake” so all of this choice was kind of a real big thing to take on board 🙂

At first I was thinking of just getting the biggest one as I reckoned I could get more scoops of ice cream in that one, then my mind wandered and I started to get ahead of myself as I pondered the ‘crazy cone’ topped with chocolate and hundreds and thousands, and even OMG the ‘Smarties Cone’ encrusted with chocolate and well ‘quelle surpise whole smarties 🙂

OK check yourself a moment mate! In the end though although I really should have been a grown up and asked for the plain ole normal cone from the bottom row,

I didn’t though and  ‘you know I didn’t’.

Oh no, I was getting the ‘nutty cone’ firstly because it had the most stuff caked onto the outside, and secondly cos it reminded me of the side of a Cornetto ice cream and I totally luv me a cornetto

Sorbet at Yumi

OK we have a cone now lets fill it. Should I get a Sorbet? Man these did look good, I really like having that cooling and fruity Mango sorbet when I have been out for an Indian meal as it is so refreshing, I almost did choose that. Then I contemplated getting something really tart  like the blueberry, but I really wanted ice cream so I kept looking

Ice Creams at Yumi

Ice cream wise they had all the classics plus quite a few special mixes including ones with Oreos, Ferreo Roche, and Kinder Bueno.

I was tempted by them all but it wasn’t to be, I had seen my ice cream prey….

I picked the Lemon Cheese Cake, which is one of my favourite desserts in Ice Cream form. It was as you might expect an ice cream with all the flavour and all the textures that you might expect from a cheese cake made with lemon.

Fresh, tart, tangy ice cream packed with bursts of citrus. Somewhere in there was the crumbly sweet biscuity cake adding that super bit of crunch that I really love. I had crumbled peanuts scattered over the top of the ice cream as well so I got a double nut hit from the topping and from the nuts encrusted in chocolate on my cone.

This was immense, not only was the ice cream one of the best I have eaten for a while (to be fair I only have about 5 a year), the cone was terrific and I just had to ask myself why don’t you eat more of these ice cream things mate? I had no sensible answer and now that I have found Yumi it is going to be quite dangerous venturing into Hyson Green now as the threat of a sweet treat will be an ever present danger, a nice one though 🙂

The chalkboard summed it all up really “Yumi – Delightful, Scrumptious, Lucious, Pleasure Tasting”.

Well this has expanded my shopping list when I ride over to Hyson Green,

“‘spices, veg, fruit and herbs from Shariff & Sons and Medina’ check ‘erm Ice Cream from Yumi ‘ erm check?”! 🙂

Yumi is located at 116 Radford Road, Hyson Green, Nottingham

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