Hing Kee in Beeston serving up Bubble Tea and Asian Street Food snacks


Hing Kee on the High Road in Beeston is a small bright café serving lots of Asian style street food. I popped into them this week attracted by all the brightly coloured posters in the window and on the wall displaying all sorts of really interesting and kind of yummy Asian snacks and street foods

They describe themselves as “a modern day urban cafe with rustic foods inspired by flavours around the globe, refreshing drinks, home made desserts and pan asian inspired street tapas”.

I ordered one of their Korean Bulgogi Rice Bowls which was billed on the menu as being ‘Prime cut Beef Meat seasoned with a rich Korean Bulgogi BBQ Sauce served with Rice, Cabbage, Onions, and garnised with sesame and chili’

Well I have to say that while this bowl of food did not look that pretty it was actually reasonably tasty and filling. There was not a huge amount of meat in there, it was a lot of cabbage and onion and sweet slightly spicy sauce mixed up into a lot of rice.

I found it to be decent enough, it did satisfy my ‘down n durty’ cravings for a bowlful of spicy rice, and that was the main thing I guess.


I also ordered a plate of their chicken wings which too were tasty enough but to be honest they were very much on the small side.  It was pretty easy to see  how this bird was caught for the pot as I can’t imagine that these wings got them very far.You pretty much got one bite of chicken from each piece, a nicely flavoured bit of chicken to be fair, but not a lot for the money. I was hoping for some bigger wings 🙁

The chicken itself was juicy enough, the coating was soft with a light spice in the breading, I was expecting something a bit crunchier or perhaps crispier. The drizzle of  the spicy srirachi sauce added a nice little burst of heat and the  topping of Togarashi did add the little something to enliven it all up a bit. I liked the flavouring I just kinda wanted a bit more. Lucky I had been greedy and ordered tow things, but maybe that was the idea and I should have ordered even more plates of food 🙂 


I kind of liked this place because of the quirky and colourful menus will all the different Asian snack foods on them. Initially I wasn’t convinced that it was all going to live up to the expectations of the pictures that were tempting me. After tasting the food, I would however give them another go to see if they could deliver.

I wondered if they were just mixing up stuff with sauces and reheating it all to order? So I did seek out and peruse their Facebook page where they do talk of making fresh noodles and wontons, and that they make the Takoyaki Octopus Balls themselves too, so maybe I need to try some of the other stuff too.

I am thinking that this places probably appeals to the students and the younger Asians in the community as the place seems like a fun spot to hang out, get a snack, a bubble tea and a fancy waffle cone too

Hing Kee Bubble Tea (Bobba & More) is located in Beeston, almost on the pedestrianised bit of the High Road

The address is 96 High Road, Beeston, NG9 2LF

Check them out on their Facebook Page and on their Twitter Feed


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