Living the Bacon Dreamz at The Secret Burger Club

Secret Burger Club were back at The Nottingham Street Food Club this weekend serving up their excellent and, in my mind, most certainly the best burgers available in the City at the moment.

Today I was on a bit of a mission to seek out and sample one of their combinations that I had not eaten so far and that beautiful beast was the one that they call the Bacon Dreamz.

The menu board describes this as “2 x Aged Beef Patty’s, American Cheese, Maple Bacon, Baconaise, Frazzles, BBQ Sauce” all served up in their poppy seeded bun for the somewhat princely sum of £9.

I walk into the club, I chat, I order one, I wait patiently, burger magic happens, I get my burger 🙂

The Bacon Dreamz Burger

It is sitting there in front of me on the plate and I can actually smell the waft of crispy fried bacon drifting up to me, it is basically calling to me to come and get it.

I bite in, and time pauses, there is crunch on crunch, I have hit the frazzles, then I hit the crisp smokey bacon, and now I am in bacon nirvana .

I stop and ponder, I have this crazy vision of the bacon swimming around in a tub of mayonnaise using bacon frazzles like floats in a swimming pool. Concentrate man!

Time catches up and the flavours of the meaty burger, the sweet BBQ sauce,  the tangy American cheese, and that Smokey Baconnaise all shout up trying to vie for my attention. I let them all join in as I chew slowly through several bites of sandwich that are far too large for a grown up to be trying to take on.

This burger is ridiculously good, apart from all that Bacon stuff, I have two, yes two! perfectly cooked juicy burgers joining the party. This is going everywhere, meat juice, bbq sauce, and mayo just ooze out of the sides of the bun as I bite in.

It is all on my fingers, smeared on my chops, and I am trying to lick it all off,  I mean I  just don’t want any moment of this flavour bomb to escape. I could not  waste a bite and I didn’t miss one!

I even licked the plate to get every little bit of burger joy, nothing was left but the memory and a full belly. 🙂

The Bacon Dreamz is basically one big extravagant Bacon themed Cheese Burger, it is so good that it is borderline criminal to allow the mass public access to this sandwich. I am not sure that they can cope with this, I mean once ‘you know it is out there’, well it really is “out there!”

This Burger combination could well be the best one that The Secret Burger Club have fed me with so far, I will be honest I had no plan to blog about it when I was walking into The Nottingham Street Food Club earlier this lunchtime, I just wanted another one of their tasty burgers and a little bit of happiness and joy in my belly.

It really was that good that I just had to add it to my ever growing blog posts about the numerous different burgers of theirs that I have scoffed. I have partaken of these tasty burger sandwiches from Secret Burger Club on numerous occasions and have been driven to write praise in prose several times so far.

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But now I am truly living the dream with the Bacon Dreamz!

This could be the best yet?


Check out  their Facebook page,  their Twitter feed, and their Instagram profile as well to see where the burger magic may be next time.

I always find them here at the Nottingham Street Food Club,




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