Tough Mary’s Bakehouse – Fantastic Local Artisan Bakery on Derby Road

Tough Mary’s Bakehouse part way up Derby Road is one seriously great bakery.  I first popped in last month just to get some bread having heard great things about them.

I had also been served some of their sourdough on a visit to No 8 deli in West Bridgford and had one of their Cobs around a Burger I had eaten at The Sir John Borlase Warren so I knew already that they could bake, I just needed to come straight to the source to see what they were all about.

I had great intentions to post about them back then, but you know how it is, I just kept coming back each weekend to try more stuff and it kind of got put on hold, so before I eat any more of their excellent fare it is about time that I jotted down a few notes on the great stuff that I have had from them so far 🙂

They always seem to have a few savoury items on the counter when I have popped in around lunchtime, so far I have seen foccacio, a frittata, but everytime I have been in they have been selling a freshly made ‘Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Rocket Bagel‘. Well I love that combination so I had to pause for a while and eat one of those with a cup of tea.

I liked this a lot, the bagel itself was good, not too doughy and fairly light to chew. The fillings of smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket were placed in there in just the right quantity so that you got a bite of each every time and nothing competed. I know it’s just a bagel, but I liked it, I usually am like meh on the bagel but this was a good one.

Every time I have been into Tough Mary’s Bakehouse they have had a really fantastic display and selection of baked cakes and muffins on the counter to tempt you. Believe me they really do tempt you too, well to be honest I am not sure that it is a temptation if you don’t resist? I think it was Oscar Wilde that said ‘the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it‘, wonder if he liked cakes?

What I also really loved was that as people came in and bought stuff, then new freshly baked goods appeared from the back and was added to the counter when there was a space. Sometimes it has been something different as well, and I was like ooh can I have that too?

When I had that bagel I also had to go back for one of their ‘Maple Pecan’ Buns which had just been tipped out fresh from the bun tray. Now this was something pretty special, the cake was perfectly cooked with a light and consistent bake. I was loving the maple syrup and that toasted candied pecan was a joy. So clever putting the syrup and the nut in the base of the baking tin so that it stars when the bun is turned out, it was like a special counter top reveal

I loved this so much that I actually started baking again!

On a different visit to Tough Mary’s I could not resist picking up a couple of these slices for ‘afternoon tea’ in the garden. Honestly I cannot remember what they were called. I thought they were going to be like a sort of millionaires slice, they were chocolate rich and the fudge-like base was gooey with a bit of a crunch, kind of biscuit, like kind of cake like. I loved the nutty sunflower seeds topping the slice as well in that light treacle-like sauce. I know that that is not how it was made, but that was kind of how it ate and tasted. Better ask a baker what it really was called (I will check next time, if I remember) 🙂


This last weekend I had strolled over to Tough Mary’s just to get some bread but I could not resist getting one of these Pecan Pies, and ended up sitting there with a cup of tea eating it for a lunchtime snack. I have to confess that was quite bad really as I had just eaten lunch somewhere else! lets just call this dessert then 🙂

I had taken some of their Sourdough bread for snacking on during the week, they have all the classics; white, country, rye and wholemeal but they also have some more interesting flavour combinations too. I picked up this one that had cheddar cheese and paprika in it, it was so good and just needed a nice slather of butter on it to make a great supper.

This week I picked up this seeded sourdough loaf, It is also great freshly sliced with a bit of cheese, or as buttered toast with a nice fried egg. But I don’t need to tell you how to eat bread do I, sorry! I was  just thinking out loud as I sit looking at the picture knowing that the actual loaf (or what is left of it) is sitting less than 2 yards away on the kitchen counter calling me. Gosh feel a bit peckish now! 🙂


That all seemed to be a bit rambling, perhaps it matched up with the way I have been drawn back to this bakery to partake of their excellent fare 🙂

I will be coming back quite a bit more as well, it is just soooo good! 🙂

Tough Mary’s Bakehouse is located at 74 Derby Road in Nottingham, NG1 5FD

You really cannot miss it with that Bright Yellow Frontage. It is open Tues-Saturday

You can also check them out of their Facebook Page, their Twitter Feed, and on their Instagram Profile as well

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