Our Burger at The John Borlase Warren

The Sir John Borlase Warren at Canning Circus is one of the places that you need to visit if you are heading up Derby Road for a night out or even planning a pub crawl.

I was blogging about this place back in 2014 when I wrote about “The Canning Circus Circuit – Three Great Pubs for a mini pub crawl“. I really need to do another post as there a lot of new places to add to the places worth visiting in the Circus

This evening I was meeting up with some mates before sampling beers at those other spots including the new spot The Overdraft , before that I was going to need some food 🙂

I Checked out the Our Essentials section of the menu and basically it came down to a straight choice between the Burger and The Fish and Chips.

I do like a nice bit of Fish and Chip action on a Friday night, but today I was thinking about the Burger options in the City of Nottingham so decided to test out the one on offer here at the Sir John Borlase Warren

Their ‘Our Burger’ offering at the Sir John Borlase Warren was a “100% local Beef Pattie with Monterey Jack Cheese on a ‘Tough Mary’s Bakehouse’ Bun, Beer Battered Onion Rings, House Fries and Gherkin” for £10.25

It arrived as most burgers seem to do these days skewered through the heart of the bun, a stack of Onion Rings stacked inside the upper and lower buns and with a massive thumb sized big green gherkin on top. Oh My!

After some careful (or rather not so careful) reconstruction of the food on my plate I had a decent looking burger sandwich in front of me that I could actually pick up with my hands to eat.

I had ditched the onion rings to one side and tossed the gherkin to the edge of the plate, it was not going to feature in this meal

The actual burger pattie was really quite good, juicy, plenty of flavour, a nice char and a pretty good effort for a pub burger. The same could be said of the burger bun which was apparently from Tough Mary’s Bakehouse which is just down the hill at 74 Derby Rd. I liked the softness of the egg washed bun and the mix of black and white sesame seeds on the top. I also liked that they had toasted it lightly as well.

I am quite a fan of Monterey Jack cheese, I have not seen it that much over here on my Burgers, but I have had it a lot back over in the states where they really know what they are doing in the world of burger. I was very happy to see it here on this burger sandwich, it is kind of tangy, sort of sweet and maybe a bit stringy when molten as it is a bit of a semi-hard cheese.

All in all as Burgers go this was a reasonable effort and a good go-to pub burger. I was not a fan of the onion rings which were a bit greasy and the chips, well they are basically plate fillers.

I think I would just have liked the burger on it’s own, well the version I made anyway 🙂


The Sir John Borlase Warren at Canning Circus is run by The Lincoln Green Brewing company so don’t be surprised to find a load of their beers on tap! I was supping on the “Archer” which is an American Pale Ale packed with lots of Citra and US Chinnock hops. It is one refreshing and tasty brews! 

They also do quite a few other guest beers so there really is a good range of ales to sup 🙂

Check them out as well on their Facebook Page and their Twitter Feed

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