Breakfast at Mary’s Kitchen near Sneinton Market

Mary’s Kitchen near to Sneinton Market on Southwell Road in Nottingham is a great little cafe. It would be somewhat churlish to describe it as a ‘greasy spoon’ as it was a lot cleaner and brighter inside than your average ‘caff

I popped in this week in search of a breakfast and was pretty happy with what I found, a nice clean dining area and plenty of food options on the boards surrounding the space.

As well as a lot of different sized Breakfasts, you could get most of the classics cobs, toasties, jacket spuds with different toppings from between 2-3 quid.

I had my eyes though on a bit of a breakfast situation so I was casting my attentions in that direction.

I probably should have spent more time reading the board as the best value option on there was to get the 5 items deal for £2.60!

This was for 5 individual items, and for the record I would have probably gone, ‘fried egg, bacon, sausage, black pudding, and mushrooms‘ #nice!

The Deluxe Breakfast

I had picked out The Deluxe Breakfast which was listed on the colourful chalkboard as being a plate filled with “2 Sausage, 2 Bacon, Hash Brown, Black Pudding, Scrambled Egg, Mushroom, Tomatoes, 2 Toast” and a Mug of tea (or coffee) for £5.20

It might not look all that pretty and probably was not going to win any ‘breakfast beauty competitions’ any time soon, but I tell you this much it did taste pretty good.

The bacon was the best bit, my two slices were crispy where needed, basically where all the fat is in the streaky bit (I love that). The sausages had a nice flavour and were nice and crisp on the outside, I forgave that they were a little on the mushy side inside as that is pretty much what you expect from these kind of breakfast spots.

I love a bit of black pudding so I was very happy to get a great big disc of the stuff, and the pile of mushrooms was decent too, it tasted like it had been cooked with the bacon so that it had mopped up that flavour from the fat. It probably had not it was just the feeling I had imagined in my own mind.

It was nice to have the scrambled egg for a change instead of the usual fried egg, it made me feel almost healthy 🙂

The hash brown and the tomatoes were just more food to scoff down and the two slice of toast that came with breakfast were just overkill!

I liked it, it kind of felt like a light breakfast, but the reality was that I had to walk here and back from my apartment by the Trent to justify the calories and I still felt stuffed when I got home 🙂 #WasWellWorthIt

I was looking to see if I could find any social media or websites for Mary’s Kitchen and stumbled across a great little write up on the BBC called “Cafe culture: The survival of the traditional British ‘caff’“. It is about a few cafes across the country and it is well worth a read.

Mary’s Kitchen is located at 10 Southwell Road, Nottingham, NG1 1DL. It is just over the road from the Sneinton Market, pretty close to the Fox and Grapes and within view of the Motorpoint Arena.

It is also really close to the Nottingham City Bus Depot which I realised when I saw so many bus drivers popping in and out while I dined.

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