Fish and Chip Friday at the Embankment Club and Kitchen

It was Fish and Chip Friday and I found myself in The Embankment Pub by Trent Bridge looking up at a Chalkboard that was enticing me with an offer of Beer Battered Haddock with Chips for £9.95. How could I possibly resist?

The Board had promised a plate of “Locally sourced Haddock fillet, hand battered in our ‘Elsie Mo’ Beer batter, served with Minted mushy peas, Hand cut chunky chips and a slice of fresh lemon”

I was making the assumption that ‘locally sourced’ was from a nearby shop as the last time I looked Nottingham is about as far away from the coast as one can get in England and I had not heard any reports of Haddock being caught in the Trent. I let it go 🙂

The actual piece of Beer Battered Haddock was jolly well cooked. I liked the batter coating a lot, the addition of beer into the batter always seems to be a decent plan. There is a science behind it as apparantly the ‘foaming’ of the beer and release of CO2 makes the batter light and crisp while allowing the fish to stay moist and juicy (something like that)

The Batter was light, crisp and crunchy, the white chunks of haddock fillet were indeed moist and juicy. It was all good.

The chips were just pub chips, they are never the same as getting your Fish and Chips from the takeaway, but then again you can drink nice beer when in the pub.

The big pot of minted mushy peas were good as well, not too minty which was almost as good as omitting the mint altogether in my opinion 🙂

The pot of tartare sauce was a bit too tart and acidic for my liking but it didnt recieve a place on the playbill unlike that slice of lemon so perhaps we should glide by and just remember not to add it next time.

Overall it was a pretty decent plate of Haddock and Chips in a pub that serves up great beer and plenty of other plates of Pub Grub

Some other pub grub my mates ate



The Embankment Pub and Kitchen is located at 282-284 Arkwright Street in the Old Boots Social Club.

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