The Lamb Barbacoa Burger at Smoqued

I was last chomping food from Smoqued at The Nottingham Street Food Club back in November last year when I was trying out some of their delicious food. I had chowed my way through their Carne Asada Tacos and I have to say that it was pretty darn good (Read More about that Here)

I found myself back at Nottingham Street Food Club staring up at their chalkboard and saw that they had added a couple of burgers onto the menu options. I kind of figured that I really needed to try at least one of those out, purely for research 🙂

I thought about getting the El Chapo Burger which was described as being a ‘Dry Aged Patty‘ with ‘Beef Chilli, Cheese, Jalapenos, Chipotle Mayo‘ in a ‘Toasted Black Sesame Brioche Bun‘. Then I worried that it might be a bit messy and I had a clean shirt on so I averted my attention to the other option of the Lamb Barbacoa Burger as I do love a nice Lamb Patty.

Lamb Barbacoa Burger

The Lamb Barbacoa Burger at Smoqued was described as being topped with ‘Smoked Romesco Sauce, Guacamole, Garlic Mayo, Cheese, Rocket and Tomato’ in a ‘Toasted Black sesame brioche bun

This is one gorgeous looking beast of a burger, it kind of just cries out at you to be eaten (well photographed for Instagram purposes and then eaten).

I was loving the char on the big thick juicy lamb burger patty and the way that the molten cheese was oozing out all over that meaty slice had my visual taste buds all of a quiver

The Brioche bun with it’s black and white sesame seeds and slightly deeper browning made the whole beast look so appealing. It was like it had just come back from it’s holiday in the sun

When it came to eating the burger it was a lot messier than I had expected, that romesco sauce and the guacamole was getting everywhere and the whole baby was kind of falling apart in my hands as well.

Taste wise this was kind of packed with an unexpected level of spiciness, although perhaps from Smoqued that was to be expected. Although the lamb burger and the molten cheese were in themselves glorious, I did find that the heat from the Romesco sauce became a bit overpowering for my taste by the end of my chowing. It was good but in the end got in the way, I had expected that the guacamole would counter that heat out and perhaps it was supposed to, in the end though for my personal palate it did not quite do so.

If you like your spice you will probably love this burger, if you want to try something a bit different you will enjoy the experience. I was happy that I tried this combination but I am not sure if it is a boomerang burger.

All in All this is a very well presented Burger, a nice job on the cook of the Lamb burger, and perhaps just a little less chilli heat and it would be a most joyous effort.

Next time I will just wear a darker shirt and gamble on the chilli topped offering 🙂

You can follow Smoqued on their Twitter Feed and on their Facebook Page.

They also seem to be quite a Fixture at The Nottingham Street Food Club I have seen them there pretty much every weekend for the last couple of months

Their menu has a lot of really great sounding stuff written all over it.

They are well worth visiting different and more interesting to eat!

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