Smoqued – Maple Smoked Pork Belly Bun and some Mexican Loaded Fries

Smoqued are one of the resident Street Food Vendors at The Nottingham Street Food Club. They serve up Mexican inspired Street Food and BBQ and always seem to be really popular when I visit the Club.

I have written about them a couple of times before checking out their tacos (read more) and their burgers (check that here) but it had been a while since I gave them some MyFoodHunt love so I was on a Mission to scoff some of their food when I headed up to Street Food Club today

I already knew what I was after, they had been tantalising me on Instagram with their pictures of Maple Pork Belly and some Friends told me all about their Loaded Mexican Fries 🙂

So lets eat

Maple Smoked Pork Belly Bun

The Maple Smoked Pork Belly Bun was everything that I was hoping for and well worth the trip up to Nottingham Street Food Club to hunt it down at Smoqued. I would have been happy enough with a pork and rocket sandwich but these guys here at Smoqued managed to push the envelope to provide me with a sandwich at another level

The menu described it as “Maple Smoked pork belly bun – toasted sesame brioche, lemongrass and ginger salsa, lime coriander mayo, charred pineapple, rocket”

The star of the bun is that Maple Smoked pork belly, it was a great big thick square slice of meat and it filled that Brioche bun and more. Cooked perfectly for me, charred and crisp, yet still juicy and fatty in all the right spots. I described it as unctuous on Instagram in the moment and that it what it was.

When I had read the menu I had been worried that the charred pineapple, the lemongrass and ginger salsa, and that Lime coriander mayo was going to get in the way and maybe overpower the flavour of the meat. I had no need to fear as they all worked harmoniously and were they perfect bedfellows in that brioche bun.

Loaded Mexican Fries

Even though I knew that I had already ordered enough food, I just had to try the Loaded Mexican Fries as I had been told that if I was after ‘fries’ at Street Food Club that these ones from Smoqued were the thing to get.

They were described on the menu board as “Hand cut fries, lime-coriander mayo, chipotle ketchup, pink pickles, herbs, chillies”. Even from that description my mouth was salivating slightly and with mention of Chipotle and Chilli I was pretty sure that there was going to be a decent amount of spice and heat in there.

They looked great in the tray and they tasted great too, my mates were right! If I was playing a game of Street Food Club Top Trumps and the category was ‘Fries’, I would be well happy to have this card in my hands.

The actual hand cut fries were spot on, thin, crispy and crunchy, cooked just right. I really liked the mix of the coriander mayo and the chipotle ketchup, providing heat and herbs in sauce form oh yes.

The mix of chopped up herbs with the sweet pink pickles was tantalising my taste buds, the bits of fresh red chilli was doing its best to add little burst of heat and burn to my tongue too.

They were as good as promised and something not to be overlooked for sure. I will definitely be back for a tray of these!

You can follow Smoqued on their Twitter Feed , on their Instagram Profile and on their Facebook Page.

They are a Fixture at The Nottingham Street Food Club where they are one of the residents.

You can find them right by the entrance as you walk in. I know I have more I need to eat from them. The chaps from Secret Burger Club told me that I need to try the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Box, so I guess that is next weekend lunch plans sorted then 🙂

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