Secret Burger Club: Animal Style

This is the Animal Style Burger

The special at Secret Burger Club this week was the “Animal Style” which was described as being “Double mustard grilled Patties, American cheese, grilled onion, Secret Sauce, Lettuce, Pickle, Tomato” for Ā£9

I had not had this one before so as per usual I figured that I just ‘had’ to pop along to the club to check it out. I took ‘back up‘ in the form of my good friend Mike from the States aka @runnersthoughts whom I have scoffed a lot of burgers with over the years on the other side of the pond.

This particular burger was a homage (apparently) to the Animal Style Burger from the secret menu at IN ‘n’ OUT Burger in the States.

Talking to the Secret Burger Guys I did learn that it was trips to In N Out Burger that had been one of the inspirations behind their idea to set themselves up as Burger Flippers in the first place. That makes sense now as their ‘West Coast’ burger had always reminded me of an In and Out Burger, now I know why šŸ™‚

Todays Menu Board
Close up on the Animal Style Burger

I really loved the mustard grilled patties, you really do get extra flavour and extra juiciness when you prepare them like this .This is my thing too I glaze my burgers with mustard when I am cooking then on the BBQ grill at home and find that it really does make them tastier.

This whole actual burger combination does have really great flavour and as with all the Secret Burger Club efforts I really enjoyed eating it. I always like the double patty and always love the molten cheese as they are usually pretty generous with how much they squeeze in between the buns.

I quite liked having the grilled onions but I am not sure that all the extra sauce was a good thing, it was oozing out all over the place and needed a lot of napkins to maintain a modicom of burger chomping dignity.

Overall though I kind of like that is is a messy burger to eat, it makes it fun. You can just about eat this without it falling apart in your fingers so they have taken this right to the edge. I suspect that the slice of tomato and that extra sauce is messing with the structural integrity of the whole beast. Luckily I can handle the challenge šŸ™‚

There is plenty to love and you just grab onto the slippery little beast just about long enough to shove it all down your gob, and in some or most cases, all over your face.

As you probably all have noticed , I just cannot get enough of the burgers from Secret Burger Club and now I am wondering if they too have a ‘secret menu’? I know that you can double up or even treble up your patties, but Now I am wondering what else they can offer us?

I guess I will have to ask šŸ™‚

The Secret Burger Club can be found at Notts Street Food Club all this month as they are residents in February

That means I will be here every week and will be banging on about how good they are on social media until you get you asses down there to scoff šŸ™‚

Anyway just check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see when they are around.

Just Do that šŸ™‚

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