The Cereal Killer from Secret Burger Club

It is no secret that I am in love with the burgers from Secret Burger Club. Over the years I have eaten and blogged about pretty much every burger combination that they have come up with for our enjoyment (links to them all at the footer of this post)

It has been a while since I was able to write about a NEW burger special from the Secret Burger Club but today most happily I am in full flow as I talk about the CEREAL KILLER burger that I tracked down last week from the boys

Ah blessed be to the Burger Gods!

The CEREAL KILLER for £12 was described on the menu as a ‘Double Beef Patty, American Cheese, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chilli Jam and Cinamon Graham Crunch

Sounds a bit ‘out there‘ does it? or maybe not! In the states they eat Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and on the face of it isn’t satay sauce basically the same as churned up peanut butter with other stuff? (gasps all round at the brevity with which I dismissed a classic sauce🤣😂)

Even the lads behind Secret Burger Club admitted it might be a step too far when announcing the burger on their instagram suggesting “I know we’re guna get some stick for this one…But we’re well overdue something a bit different to push the boundaries”

Anyway I like a challenge and I quite fancied trying one so when I read that it would be available at their Thursday night pop up in Radcliffe on Trent at the Royal Oak pub we were in the car to track us one down!

As always the meat patties are divine, melting in the mouth and drool inducing. The molten cheese blanket with its light saltiness and tang acts as a foil between the beefy meat and the sweetness of the peanut sauce keeping everyone in check.

I did love the crunch of the cinnamon grahams which like the frazzles in another of their specials the Bacon Dreamz added the perfect amount of texture.

I was also happy at the level of restraint with the heat level of the chili jam and the way that they managed to balance that with the sweeter elements of the burger toppings to maintain harmony inside the bun

My thoughts on the night were that it was an

“absolutely banging burger! Perfectly balanced flavour wise, the crunchy peanut butter pairs well with the the chilli jam. Crunchy cinnamon grahams fab idea as well! Add two juicy smash burgers, melted cheese and a soft burger bun and you have a winning combination 🥳🥳

I still think that now too, even some time after the event, my only doubt on first bites was that it is perhaps a little sweet but overall not disastrously so.

I am not sure this combination will resurface any time soon especially considering the backlog catalogue of total classics that the boys have available to offer us but if it does I will happily order one

It was messy, it was fun, and it was well worth the journey in the dark through the villages to find them at the pub.

So currently as I may have said Secret Burger Club have their van parked up outside the Royal Oak pub in Radcliffe on Trent on Thursday nights.

You can take your burgers inside the pub to eat them in the warmth and they were happy enough to have us when we did. I did see them eating their own burgers behind the bar too.

Parking is free if you give your registration to the people behind the bar but you can also ride the bus from town through West Bridgford and out to Bingham if you want to stay in the pub for a while and have a few bevvies that might be a good plan!

Keep an eye on the Secret Burger Club socials to find out where they will be especially Instagram and Facebook

Are they elusive? Perhaps a little but that is the joy of supporting them as you have to take your chances when you can.

Next stop is at Bustler in Nottingham and I will be there too


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