Secret Burger Club at Nottingham Street Food – Truly Excellent Burgers

The Secret Burger Club were at The Nottingham Street Food club this weekend and I for one was quite excited to meet them so that I could sample one of their burgers. I am not saying that they are an elusive burger collective, but you need to keep your ear to the ground to track them down.

As far as I know the best places to hunt them down are, here at the Nottingham Street Food Club, at the Rescue Rooms, and at the Jam Café.

So anyhow less about the where and more about the what did I eat! 🙂

The Duke Burger

I had The Duke which was a beef patty topped with Smoked Bacon, Stilton, Posh Onion Jam, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo. Not only does this burger sandwich look amazing! I can confirm categorically that it tasted pretty goddam good as well. In fact I am going to go out on a pretty solid limb and say that this is one of the best burgers I have eaten in Nottingham over the last year.

The set-up seemed so simple, I mean in essence we are talking about a bacon cheeseburger, but oh no that would be way to simple a description, and one that would serve no justice to the flavours popping in my mouth as I chowed my way through this delicious meaty morsel.

The patty itself is well cooked, juicy and moist, lightly charred on the flat top and just the right size to fit inside that glazed sesame bun. I was totally delighted with my strips of Smoked crispy streaky bacon, it was the perfect crunch to the bite and the lightly cured, slightly salty, and super smoky taste added something a little special to the burger munching party in my mouth.

The ‘posh onion jam and the melted stilton were genius in their use,  neither overpowered the sandwich, yet both shined out like stars on the burger parade. There is something so wonderful about molten stilton on a burger, it is so much richer and almost creamier than less powerfully flavoured cheese. It was a great bedfellow for that Posh Onion Jam that was slightly sweet (in  good way)

My only sadness was that the chowing did not last long enough, it was all over too quickly as I gobbled my way through the burger in a few short minutes.

Could I have eaten another one? Hell yes, but I wanted to leave the place with my dignity intact, and with the taste and the memory of this delight on my lips and in my mind I slipped away back into the streets in search of my next meal.


Check them out on Facebook and on Twitter to see where they might be.


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