Breakfast at The Silly Sausage in the Cattle Market

The Silly Sausage Cafe is located inside the old Cattle Market Tavern on Meadow Lane. This building was a pub that offered refreshment to the farmers and traders at the cattle market. Apparently they had a special licence to open early on market days. I can just imagine them all popping in for a pint first thing in the morning as they were setting up their stalls.

These days though all the local traders, passer bys, and punters like myself can pop in to get some breakfast from 7am in the morning. I confess though that I was not there at that time of day, it was more like 12.30 as I was looking around the manor for some sustenance.

I have been here before and I could not believe that it was as long ago as May 2012 that I blogged the place (read more about that visit here -The Silly Sausage Cafe – A not so greasy ‘Greasy Spoon’)

So I was ‘well overdue’ another visit!

I came here in search of an ‘all day breakfast situation’ and I most certainly found my match on this Lunchtime MyFoodHunt date.

I had ordered the Big Breakfast or “Set Large English” which was described on the menu and on various chalkboards and menus around the café as being comprised of

“Two Lincolnshire Sausages, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, hash brown, beans & tomatoes *optional Black Pudding, served with 2 toast or bread and butter, with Tea or Coffee + refill”

OMG I was feeling hungry but not all out ‘gluttonous’ 🙂

This was a great big plateful of ‘joyous yummy greasy spoon style café fare’! I mean to some people it might just look like a bit plate of fried food, but for some of us connoisseurs it is just the icing on the cake when looking for something to fill the belly with breakfast love.

Look no-one is kidding anyone about a gourmet situation here, if that is your bag and you need to pretend that you are posh and all that, well then we cannot be friends anymore 🙂

I really loved my Big breakfast here at the Silly Sausage. I mean for a start I was only going to need to eat once today, and after that well I was just taking a chance

Breakfast Menu

I really need to come back soon as I spotted an ‘American Style Breakfast‘ listed on one of the Chalkboards inside which they are calling “The Special One”. Now they list it as being ‘One American Style Pancake, 1 smoked or unsmoked bacon, 1 special sausage, 1 free range fried or scrambled egg, 1 hash brown, beans or  tomatoes, mushrooms, with  coffee, and orange juice‘ also for £6.95.

Now that sounds great, but having eaten a ‘lot’ of American Breakfasts in the States, I would ask instead for my own version:

2 American Pancakes, 3 crispy slices of smoked back bacon, a sunny side up fried egg, and a small jug of maple syrup“, I would keep the coffee and have a big glass of orange juice as well. Um Yum! 🙂

Other Stuff

They also have a whole load of lunch specials at I have to say incredibly reasonable prices. It is all a big bag of comfort food as well, so I just don’t see how you can lose. When I got back to the office and said that you can get “Cottage Pie with Garden Peas“, or “Beef lasagne” for £3.95 or “Bangers & Mash, with Peas & Gravy” for only £3.75! Well the main question was ‘why were we not invited?’

You can all come next time guys, when I come to get that American Style Breakfast 🙂

The Silly Sausage Café is located in the Cattle Market on Meadow Lane

They are open from

Monday to Thursday 7am – 2.30pm
Friday 7am – 3.30pm
and Market Day Saturday 7am – 1.30pm

Check them out on their Facebook Page

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