Bacon Cheese Burger from the Secret Burger Club

The Burgers at The Secret Burger Club  are so good that it is hard to resist their charm and so I find myself making more and more visits, which is great for both of us I feel. It also means that I found another great burger to eulogise about!

This time I was sampling one of the all time classics “The Bacon Cheese” burger. The one that they are cooking up is described very simply as “Beef Patty, Smoked Bacon, American Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Pickles, Ketchup and USA Mustard

Once again you are faced with a super burger patty, flattened on the grill and cooked to perfection with a nice char. The crispy bacon is joyous, and the cheese melting all over the top of the burger patty just makes you want to shout out OMG this is amazing from the top of Mansfield Road 🙂

What I loved the most though was that mix of the ketchup, pickle, and American mustard that brought me back to my happy place eating burgers over in the states. It is a simple mix but when you get it right your taste buds just sing and your mind switches slowly into burger flashback mode.

This was another seriously good burger and I kind of feel that this could be the best of the classic Bacon Cheese Burgers that you will get in Nottingham. Now you ‘will’ find a few with fancier ingredients and perhaps little bonus stuff, just like the Duke Burger that is also from the SBC and that may let them creep ahead in your mind, but as the pure classic combination goes this is a contender for the all star team.

Last time I posted about The Secret Burger Club I was talking about the Duke Burger (Read about that here) which is incredibly good and probably still is the best burger I have eaten in Nottingham for quite some time and also it is up there with some of the great burgers I have eaten all over the states.

I suppose now I have ticked off two of the burgers from The Secret Burger Club list, that I need to come back for the others? 🙂

On the last blog about these guys I said that as far as I know the best places to hunt them down are, here at the Nottingham Street Food Club, at the Rescue Rooms, and at the Jam Café.

I think that you just need to keep your eyes open and smell the air for the scent of the burger magic, or perhaps keep an eye out on their Facebook page and on their Twitter feed.

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