Fox and Grapes in Sneinton Market – Beer and Pizza

The Fox and Grapes in Sneinton Market is one of the latest pubs to open up in Nottingham under the Castle Rock Brewery umbrella. This particular opening back in September was most welcome as it saw the re-emergence of a Public House that has been located at this spot since the 1830’s.

In recent times it was known as the Peggers and was being run by the Banks Brewery,  I remember it being a really run down and kind of rough place when I was a kid and not somewhere I wanted to visit.

Now though with Castle Rock supplying the beers and the promise of a simple menu with Pizza and Jacket Potatoes, well now it seemed to be just the sort of place I wanted to hang out at.

That being the case we popped down to get a beer and try out the food

We found a Pizza Menu that had some of the classic toppings such as “Pepperoni”, “Margherita”, and, “Ham and Pineapple” on offer. It also had some other quite different and interesting sounding pizza toppings as well, I quite fancied the “Charcuterie” and surprisingly I was also tempted by the sound of the “Pepper and chillies”

I had read that the place was a good spot for the vegan and vegetarian, and they were certainly being catered for with options such as “Red onion, sweetcorn and pineapple” and “Sundried tomato and spring onion”

In the end though we were being simple men and so ordered the classics

Pepperoni Pizza

I have to be honest when I say, that I had ordered a pizza without great expectations, but I should have been more open minded! The Pepperoni pizza I was presented with was one of the best pizzas I have been served in a Pub.

It was a simple affair, yet everything worked really well. The cheese was kind of like a sharp cheddar mix (it probably wasn’t) and had that taste and feel of pizza cheese on toast. There was a plentiful amount of sliced pepperoni scattered evenly and generously all over the pizza.

I liked the tomato sauce as well, it was fresh and tangy, and not acidic like some can be. I even liked the scattering of rocket leaves all over the top.

The stone baked crust was nice and crispy and even had a bit of a tasty char on the base. I really was pleasantly surprised at how good this pizza was and it was an excellent accompaniment to go with my Pint of Harvest Pale

Ham and Pineapple Pizza

Despite my best attempts at ridicule, my mate Martin ordered the “Ham and Pineapple” pizza. As pizza toppings go I just don’t understand this particular combination, and it seems that I am not the only one as I read that even the President of Iceland said that he would ban it if he could 🙂

Having said that the sweet and savoury combination is one of the classic pizza’s, well everywhere except for Italy the home of the Pizza.

Martin said that it was really good and he ate the whole thing so I guess he must know. Lets face it the pizza world is set up to provide something for everyone. I mean I saw that even here at The Fox and Grapes they were offering one topped with “Beetroot, Hummus, and Feta”

Jacket Potatoes

The (Not So) Humble Potato menu also caught my eye as I am quite keen on the old jacket spud. I really like one at this time of year as it seems to be such a comforting and warming meal.

At home I do like mine with a big fat juicy steak 🙂 However I was quite pleased to see that they are offering  toppings of “Beef chilli and cheese” and “Baked beans and Cheese” my two other favorite things to put on a Jacket Potatoes!

I do quite fancy some of the other suggestions that they have on the menu here at The Fox and Grapes as well such as the “Ricotta, cherry tomato and spring onion”. That sounds like a nice mixture to mix up into my spud.

Maybe next time I will have one!

I really liked what we found at the Fox and Grapes down by Sneinton Market.

Great beer as always from the Castle Rock Brewery and some decent pub grub in the form of Pizza to assist with the imbibing of said beverages.

I can see myself popping down here more frequently now that we have become acquainted 🙂

The Fox and Grapes is located at 21 Southwell Road, Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1DL

Check them out as well on their Facebook page and on their Twitter Feed




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