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Kayal is one of the restaurant stalwarts on Broad Street in Nottingham. They serve up Southern Indian style food and are a pretty well thought of when you talk about where to go for an Indian meal in the Nottingham Curry scene.

They are also one of the spots that we seem to have picked out for work lunches whenever we have a reason to celebrate or recognise a holiday.

I have blogged about one of those occasions before where I wrote:

Kayal on Broadway, excellent Southern Indian Fare – my tagline “Five went to eat Thali”

The Kayal Lunchtime Specials Board

So you are standing at the top of Broad Street and you have somehow found a parking space and the thoughts flickering through your mind are something along the line of;

Lets take a closer look and perhaps ponder for a moment on the opportunities that are about to be afforded to us once we pass our weary asses across the threshold”

or perhaps

“Gosh I am well hungry, let me at it, I need one of those big Thali plate things”

So once again it came to pass that I am standing looking at the Lunch Special Board and remembering just how good that Business Lunch was last time I was here.

I also kind of wish that I could just get that takeaway Tiffin option instead and sit in the car scoffing that down (just for blog research) πŸ™‚

Business Lunch at Kayal

I feel as though I have been here before πŸ™‚ and of course we all know that we have! This is not my first day at the Kayal Thali rodeo.

The Dosa is excellent, they prepare this really well, it is thin, ‘bendy’, crispy, crunchy, and ‘foldable’, perfect for scooping up food from those pots and for dipping into other pots.

Lets face it, the dosa and your hands are your ‘knife, fork, and spoon’ when you eat Indian style, so you need to pray for a good one πŸ™‚

I like this Thali based on the price, I mean Β£5.95 is a total bargain for a restaurant lunch in Nottingham, so you really cannot go too far wrong.

The pot of chicken curry was as tasty as the first time, perhaps the gravy was slightly thinner, but the flavour was nice and the heat was mild so all was good in the world.

The potato dish was quite a bit thicker and claggier, it was good still and I felt that it was more like the filling that I am used to eating inside my Masala Dosa. Perhaps I should have stuffed a great big spoonful down the Dosa tube πŸ™‚

I do like the thin yellow lentil curry that comes in one of the pots, I would like it slightly thicker, but none the less it was one of the pots that I was spooning onto my bowl of rice with much gusto and enjoyment.

The mixed vegetable curry was also pretty good, it has a nice light spice and is quite a nice broth another one to mix with the rice

I liked this, perhaps not as much as the first time I ate it when it was a new meal to try, but it was still a really great value lunch for the price.

Lunch Special Menu

Something new that I learnt on this trip was that they also do a lunchtime tiffin that you can only get to takeaway and to be honest one of the reasons to blog again about this place was to remind me to come back and get one. This blog and my other ones are like my diary and notepad.

That Lunch Tiffin is described as “An express weekdays tiffin box which consists of two curries, curry of the day, rice and a bread” for Β£3.95. So is that 3 curries then? Anyway I thought to myself “I’ll be having some of that”. I just need to find an excuse to be wandering down Broad Street one weekday lunch time πŸ™‚

Kayal is located at

8, Broad Street
Ph: 0115 9414733
E: notts@kayalrestaurant.com



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  1. God I love Kayal. The Thali is amazing!

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