Oscar and Rosies – Still the Best Pizza in Nottingham

I love the Pizza at Oscar and Rosie’s, seriously it is the best pizza in Nottingham, and I have been telling everyone that since 2013, and I would defend that belief against anyone who suggests otherwise with a passion.

When I first met Olly Hunter and his first lovely Pizza Oven called Bertha, he was at the Picnic Basket on Carrington Street, back then he was a lawyer, and just like us all he was looking for some decent pizza to eat, so much so that he just started making it himself.

Over the last four years I have watched Olly slowly and steadily grow his Pizza empire with great delight and it has been a real joy.

Back in September he opened up his latest and much larger Pizza spot at 8 Stoney Street in the former home of the Left Lion Magazine and within staggering distance of the Old Angel Micro Brewery.

I love a quote I read on a Left Lion interview where Olly says that their pizza is “..the British version of the American take of the Italian classic”Β 

That sums up the way in which we take and adopt the flavours that we love and make them our own, and it is the same message he has told me every time we have chatted about his pizza

Anyway Lets get into the pizza! I am hungry already πŸ™‚

Meat Sweats Pizza

We came in one evening just after they had opened and shared our usual choice of the Meat Sweats Pizza with a Bowl of Mac and Cheese. It was all just as good as always. I was loving the new place and was delighted to see that it was rammed with pizza punters.

It was a lovely evening, we got the best table looking up and down the street and also the effervescent company of Olly as we reminisced about the journey and he charmed us as always with his stories and enthusiasm for the Pizza Project.

Inside the lighting was low so my photos were not so as good the food good, so I vowed to return to get better snapshots.

That Vow took at least a month to fulfil (sorry Olly) πŸ™‚

So when we came back for lunch πŸ™‚ >

Mac and Cheese

I have to admit that we are creatures of habit at Oscar and Rosie’s. I always choose the Meat Sweats Pizza and then my Mum gets to choose the Mac and Cheese. TBH I think I lose out there though as she only wants to choose the Meat Sweats pizza as well πŸ™‚

So today we had a bowl of the Mac and Cheese with ‘Fresh Ham Hock and Smoked Mozzarella’ which is ‘in my humble opinion’ one of their most classic offerings. I admit that I am privy to the recipe but I am an excellent confidant and I shall not disclose πŸ™‚

I do like more ‘sauce’ in my Mac and Cheese at home, but somehow Olly manages to change my mind whenever he serves me a bowl of his take on this dish. It is really quite a comforting affair. Lots of Ham Hock, a nice blend of three cheeses, some big pasta shapes, and a toasted bread crumb crust. Honestly you just cannot go wrong.

Meat Sweats at Lunchtime

So just for a change we ordered the Meat Sweats Pizza, now at lunchtime this is just 11 inches so much more manageable a snack, in the evening it is 14 inches so you need to come with an appetite, or just be a big greedy pizza muncher πŸ™‚

Officially described on the menu as “Meat Sweats – Cobble Lane Artisan Pepperoni, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Fennel & Black Pepper Pork (available on Oscar’s tomato or Rosie’s BBQ sauce)”

It is one of their Classic combinations, and while I think that it has evolved over the years, it still has that same character and unique flavour profile that I first met 4 years ago at the Picnic Basket and fell in love at first bite. Β 

I love the fennel in the sausage, I do like the Pepperoni, and the Bacon as well. Today I was loving the crispy base as they had cooked the base nice and crisp just as I always like them too. Gotta love that char πŸ™‚

I just checked and this is the place that I have blogged about the most in Nottingham! 6 posts so far, 7 after this one! That is just a snippet of the number of their Pizza that I have eaten.

But to be honest, if I didn’t have the urge to eat all of the food in Nottingham I would have eaten here even more! πŸ™‚

The new Oscar & Rosies spot is located at 8 Stoney Street in Nottingham, on a corner of Stoney Street and Warser Gate.

It is really close to the Old Angel Pub and also the most excellent Lace Market Fish Bar Chip Shop

Check them out on their Website, Facebook, Twitter (not much)


I suppose that we should take notice that he also has another Pizza Restaurant in Leicester.

I have not been there yet but I do have plans for next year.

That post will end up on the MyFoodHunt site as Leicester is Soooooo Farrrrr away from Nottingham πŸ™‚

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  1. laura says:

    I go to college at the Adams building, might need to check this place out sometime

    1. myfoodhunt says:

      They have a good deal at lunch, Β£7 for a pizza or a mac and cheese, its enough to share as well if you just want a bit of a snack πŸ™‚

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