The West Coast Burger at The Secret Burger Club

The West Coast Burger at The Secret Burger Club is yet another burger that you really need to take the time out to hunt down and eat. I have encountered, devoured, scoffed and drooled about it several times now at The Nottingham Street Food Club in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham, maybe it’s time to tell you all about it 🙂

It is described on their menu board as being a “Beef Patty, topped with American Cheese, Secret Sauce, Pickles, Onions and Lettuce”. It all feels so familiar, if I am right and without mentioning any trade names, it is kind of a homage to a very popular franchise classic?  If that is the case, well I think that they are doing a great job and also are serving a burger topping flavour combination that surpasses any chain burger that it ‘might’ be intended to mimic! Nuff said 🙂

As with all their other burgers this baby has a lot going for it! The beef patty is perfectly cooked, pressed down with a flat spatula, and charred on that flat top grill to give it a good crust. It also was not overcooked so that it retains all that lovely juiciness. The seeded burger bun is lightly toasted on both cut sides so that you get a nice gentle crisp bite against the soft pillow of the rest of the bun, this also helps to maintain structural burger integrity (according to an unnamed source from the international imaginary  burger collective)

I love the secret sauce mixed with the pickle, chopped onions and melted cheese. Once that burger juice seeps into the mix, oh my gosh, it just tastes so comforting and familiar. You kind of just want to keep on eating until you burst.

It is another burger that as you eat it, time kind of stops for a moment and all you can remember is that perfect moment on the tongue as your taste buds take a hop, skip and a jump on to the bus to flavour town.

The ‘Double-Stacked’ West Coast Burger

I didn’t ‘think’ that it could get any better, but then this weekend,  I had the joy of meeting up with the ‘Double Patty Stacked West Coast Burger‘! We had popped into the Nottingham Street Food Club late afternoon on Sunday just as things were wrapping up and sadly The Secret Burger Club had almost sold out and all that they had left was the West Coast Burger.

Now when I say sad, secretly I was glad as I had every plan to order a West Coast burger just so that I could highlight this particular burger combination on the blog.

The lovely Secret Burger Chaps offered us an extra patty ‘on them’ to soften the blow, but to be honest for me it was no blow, although my companion had been dreaming of a Duke Burger so this was a really nice and generous gesture from the guys.

I saw that on the Secret Burger Menu board that they had been offering earlier in the service a new burger combination called “The Secret Mac” which was top billing on the burger showcase described as “2 x Aged Beef Patty’s, American Cheese. middle bun, Secret mac sauce, lettuce, pickles, and onion

So basically that sounds like a West Coast Burger in ‘Big Mac Style’ form to me, and forgive me for thinking that basically my ‘Double Stacked West Coast‘ is the same thing without a middle bun? Oh my indeed I really felt that I had come out a winner here, and boy had I for sure.

The double stack West Coast has all the amazing flavour and burger umami that you get from the standard offering only with the double patty you just get an enormous meaty boost and something so satisfyingly delectable that you know I just wanted to swoon on the floor of the Street Food Club. Of course I didn’t I just wiped my brow,  took another sip of my Diet Coke, and tried to pass off an air of nonchalance.

The world of the ‘double stackiness’ has got me thinking, I kind of now need to come back again (no hardship there) and double up on both The Duke Burger and The Bacon Cheese Burger. I mean this work of chowing down the most excellent burgers is never ending and thankless task, and to be fair one that I am happy to continue to undertake, purely of course in the name of burger research 🙂

Nice work guys!  Thanks for the extra patty, and continuing to spread the ‘burger love’ across ‘town’

The Menu

I love The Secret Burger Club and I am glad to finally complete (for now) the trio of reviews on their classic meat burger offerings.

I have already scoffed and ‘gone all giddy’ about several of their Duke Burgers and also their Bacon Cheese Burger on previous encounters and burger chowing tales.

Read about those here:

Secret Burger Club at Nottingham Street Food – Truly Excellent Burgers

Bacon Cheese Burger from the Secret Burger Club

I am sure that there will be more stories to tell

I just don’t know what I am going to do without theses guys if they stop turning out these meaty morsels for the good folk of Nottingham.

What is the first rule of The Secret Burger Club?

Tell everyone you know about them and how good they are and ….oh that is not quite the same as Fight Club? never mind 🙂

The best places to hunt them down, and get your chomps around one of these bad boy burgers are, here at the Nottingham Street Food Club,

at the Rescue Rooms, and at the Jam Café  

Check out  their Facebook page and their Twitter feed as well to see where the burger magic may be next time

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