Breakfast at Sexy Mamma Love Cichetti

Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti on Carlton Street in Hockley is well know for it’s Italian Tapas and small plate dishes. I have been a few times and wrote about one of those visits back in December 2017 in this post: “Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti, and so do I!”

Something I hadn’t known was that they also serve breakfasts, earlier in the day before us ‘lunchtime, brunch, and evening diners’ stroll into town looking for a bite.

Breakfast Menu at Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti

I had been in town early one morning on a different MyFoodHunt trip down to Sneinton Market and I had spotted the chalkboard outside on the pavement listing all of their Breakfast dishes.

It all looked so good that I made a promise to myself to get up early at the weekend and make may way over to Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti to break my fast.

Chef’s Natural Breakfast

I had the ‘Chef’s Natural Breakfast’ which I suppose is the least adventurous thing that I could have picked, but hey I don’t care 🙂 I like to try out the Full All Day Breakfast classic whenever I can get my hands on one.

This Italian styled breakfast was a particularly nice one! There was a very herby and meaty sausage lurking in the back of the bowl which I enjoyed with much gusto. The slices of bacon were soft but also quite well cooked, perhaps they were more from the deli side of the bacon world. It had a nice smokey taste anyway.

I really liked that there were three little tomatoes cooked on the vine to add a lot of really nice juice to the dish, and the well seasoned and very creamy scrambled eggs were some of the most comforting and delectable that I have had for a while.

Underneath it all was a nice juicy grilled flat top mushroom and a generous pile of beans, not baked beans, more like  a home-made stew, a mixture including kidney beans and cannelloni beans. It was a most welcome change from your average baked bean efforts.

There was a couple of slices of toast as well which I used to mop up the scrambled eggs and the bean stew. The only miss was that the toast had no butter on it so it needed all that other stuff on top.

All in all it was a really very decent breakfast and a much more sophisticated effort than I am used to partaking in as I pop in and out of cafés around the city.

I had a glass of Orange juice and with the breakfast, the bill was just over £9 which I did not think was bad at all, especially considering the quality and the tastiness.

If I manage to get up early enough to take breakfast at Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti again I will probably take on one of their smaller plate offerings.

This one that they had listed on another chalkboard outside for a ‘Poached egg, Black Pudding and Pancetta’ for £6 sounded to be right in my wheelhouse. I was hoping that would come with a bit of toast though , or some other bread to mop up the egg yolk with 🙂

From the main breakfast menu I was also quite keen to try the ‘Smoked Salmon, Smashed Avocado, and Poached Eggs‘, just to bring out my hipster side a little

The reality is that I am more likely to pop in to ask for one of their Bacon Sandwiches for £4 🙂


Sexy Mamma love Cicchetti is located at 15 Carlton Street in Hockley inside the old William Taylor Jewellery Shop

It used to be called Edin’s Natural Kitchen but now there is no doubt as they have put up a nice new sign and awning so that we know for sure what the new name is.


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