Disco Fries – it’s “Raining Manchego”

Disco Fries were at Wolf Down Pop up this week down under the Tramline bridge on Station Street.  It was a sunny day, I was hungry for Street Food, my Dance Card was empty, so it seemed like a perfect excuse to take a stroll in from over the river to check them out.

I read on their Facebook Page that Street food fans Peter and Charlotte gave up their day jobs to serve french fries with toppings inspired by their travels around the world”

That sounded Ace!

I could see that they have been popping up all over the Midlands at regular Street Food Markets so it looked like things were happening on the Disco Fries Dancefloor.

All the Disco Fries topping combinations have a puntastic disco style name, I had read about some of their other items like the “Kool and the Hangman” which is “Fries with Korean Braised beef, Cheddar and Kimchi topped with sesame seeds, spring onion and mayo” and the “Cheesy Wonder” which I would have totally been in love with! that was “Fries with Smoky cheese sauce, bacon jam and cheddar, topped with crispy bacon bits, chives and mayo”

Today’s Menu was offering some well tasty sounding combos! “Jerkin’ My Way back to You” was pulling my strings “Fries with pulled jerk chicken, cheddar, mango salsa and mayo’ really was very tempting. It sounded hot, and it was hot enough on the streets already, with some spicy jerk chicken in my belly!

That wasn’t to be though, I had already spotted MyFoodHunt prey earlier in the day as I saw their preview menu on the Instagram! I knew I was going to be getting the “Raining Manchego” which was billed as being “Fries with red pepper relish, Manchego cheese and chorizo crumb, topped with garlic lemon mayo and parsley” 

Raining Manchego

The first thing that I liked about this carton of fried chips and sauce was that there was enough topping to cover all the fries. If anything the chips were almost a side show or I suppose the B-side to this Disco Fries combo.

The sauce was packed with a punch of flavour sweetness from the pepper and a light tanginess and a tiny bit of heat from the chorizo crumb and a few bits of jalapeno that I found lurking in there.

I really liked the chorizo it was more like a mexican chorizo, almost mince like and it went well with the soft chunks of pepper and the crunchy fries. I have a similar recipe over on MyFoodHunt with these flavours (check that here).

The drizzle of garlic lemon mayo and the parsley lightened up the dish and took away some of the richness from that chorizo infused sauce. Yeh this was all good.

The Raining Manchego topping was pretty amazing, it was great on Fries but would have been just as good on a bowl of rice, a jacket potato, a nice toasted flat bread or perhaps even in a bowl on it’s own with some pitta bread to dip into it!

I heard that this was Disco Fries second visit to the Wolf Down Pop-ups on Station Street.

I really hope that they come back, and also that they bring some of their other offerings. I have my eyes peeled to see if they have that “Cheesy Wonder” combo. That sounded well amazing and like the perfect guilty bowl of street food.

Check Disco Fries out on their Facebook Page and also on their Instagram feed to see what they are up to.

When it is a Street Food market day (usually Wed to Fri 11am-3pm) Wolf Down Pop-ups is located at Station Street, down near the Tram bridge by Nottingham Station. You can get off the tram, walk along the tram station platform and down the steps straight in to the action.

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