Secret Burger Club – The Secret Santa,

Its the Holiday season and we are all wandering about looking for treats and presents for our friends and family. Every so often I end up in one of those Secret Santa schemes where you are obliged to buy a present for some random person and you have no idea what to gift them

This weekend though I found myself treating myself to my very own Secret Santa gift in the form of the latest special from The Secret Burger Club called well you guessed already “The Secret Santa”

“Double aged patties, Gouda Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Cranberry Sauce, Truffle Mayo, and Pork Scratching crumb!” for £9 

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it as I am not a fan of that sweet cranberry sauce, but you know what? I totally loved it! It was so easy to get lost in a moment of joy as you bite into the soft juicy meaty beef patties. It all melts into your mouth

The cheese was forgive the pun ever so Gouda, I always say that I love the way that the Secret Burger Club chaps put plenty of  cheese on each burger and they let it melt just right so that it oozes across the meat. The crispy smoked bacon was excellent as always!

The truffle mayo is just about spot on, not too overpowering and just the right balance to give you a nice flavourful bite. The Pork scratching crumb adds a little saltiness and a hint of pork, just like the crackling I sometimes put on my roast only without the hard crunch

The Cranberry that I was afraid of had been added with restraint so that it worked well with the rest of the burger ingredients and did not overpower with sweetness. Yep this was a good idea chaps!

Now sadly this special is just for Xmas so unless you make a dash across town to grab one this afternoon you might have to wait until next Christmas to get one. 

Still its always nice to plan ahead!

The Secret Burger Club can be found at Notts Street Food Club quite often, check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see when

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