Breakfast at Cafe Olive

Cafe Olive on Radcliffe Road just off Trent Bridge is a great spot near to the River Trent and the local sports grounds to get a sandwich for lunch. When I was working in the area we used this place quite often to get a cob or a sandwich. It always seems to have a steady flow of foot traffic or should that be food traffic popping in and out

I found myself over that way again earlier in week so thought I would pop-in to see what they had on offer.

I really fancied some sort of All-Day-Breakfast situation , so it was pretty handy that the top item on the chalkboard outside the cafe was an “All Day Breakfast” 🙂

There wasn’t a price but based on the fact that a “Pulled Pork Cob” was going to be £4 and that “Pasta Meatball and Cheese” was £5 I figured that I would be able to aquire my greasy spoon fix within my meagre brunch-time budget.

The All Day Breakfast turned out to be a bit of a beast! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it also came with a side of Toast. I had a mug of tea as well and all in all it came to just over £7.

The plateful was substantial and filling and did the trick of filling me up. I wasn’t expecting a gourmet effort so I was happy enough with what I recieved.

Two fried egg, two sausages, two slices of bacon, a hash brown, mushrooms , and a large pool of baked beans and tinned tomatoes made up the breakfast party.

It was the usual case of having beans on toast, and egg on toast to use up all that bread. The Bacon was ok, nice and salty, the sausages were seriously on the cheaper side of basic, and the pool of orange and red took over the plate.

Did I like it? Hell ya! I love any type of breakfast that I can get my hands on

When I was reading the chalk board and saw that they were doing pasta and meatballs I remembered that I had wandered in here some months back and had a bowlful of those.

They hadn’t been that memorable as it was basically just a bowl of fusili pasta twirls, some tomato type of sauce and some soft meatballs. It was filling, but not particularly blog worthy at the time. But the fact that I had eaten it made it worth adding onto this post just in case you were curious and wanted to order them yourself

Olive Cafe is located at 3 Radcliffe Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5FF

If you want to check out one of my earlier visits check out this post from back in 2013 when it seems I was still hankering after the meatballs (somethings never change) [Read More Here}

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  1. Every day I appreciate a very few interesting posts. This is the one of them. You deserve a gift from my end and ‘Khichuri Begun Bhaja’ dish is for you. Congratulations!

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