Cafe Olive on Trent Bridge – Quick Lunchtime Snack

Cafe Olive in West Bridgford just off Trent Bridge is a good option for grabbing a quick lunch if you are in the area. I have been coming here on and off since about 2013 usually getting some sort of breakfast situation (read more here)

We popped in this week to escape a rain shower and were happy to find that we were able to eat in as well. In these Covid times the capacity has been reduced and it felt pretty relaxed and we have plenty of space. We really wanted a hot Roast Pork cob or similar but today at least they were not showing that as an option on the boards so it was going to be a dive into the realm of the sandwich with Toasties and Panini being the winners.


I had a Ham and Cheese toastie with a bit of basil and some tomato, it came somewhet unexpectedly with a small chopped side salad. I say unexpected but I had seen the owner chopping up stuff on the counter while my toastie was in the sandwich press, I just had not realised that it was going to be ending up on my plate 🙂

As toasties go, this one was very tasty, I like the addition of the Basil it changed the whole flavour profile and made it a lot more interesting to eat. The actual sandwich itself was quite thin, probably from the weight of the press


The Panini filled with Bacon and Brie was also toasted under that sandwich press, the main difference being that with the more solid bread you got a thicker sandwich as it could withstand the weight of the press pushing down on it. The panini sandwich seemed to be bigger as a result, but it probably wasn’t

The board outside always list most of the classic offerings from the cafe, top of the list being that ‘all day breakfast’ from £3. One of the last times I blogged about this place back in 2018 I had one of those (read more here)

It was not as busy as I had remembered but then I suppose that with a lot of people still working from home the foot traffic on Trent Bridge has been reduced.

However it was good to see that the place was open and trading and there was a small stream of people coming in to pick up some lunch. It was a reminder that we need to support these local independants as well so that they are there when things start to get back to normal


Cafe Olive is located at 3 Radcliffe Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5FF

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