The Burger deal at Homemade Cafe

I do love the Homemade Cafe on the Forest Recreation Ground, I last blogged about coming here back in 2015 (read more here) but I have been in over the intervening years to get a cup of tea and some of their excellent cakes many times.

Today it was raining, we had just parked up at the nearby park and ride site by the tram stop and we just wanted some brunch to get us going. I was hoping for a breakfast but was open for anything.

I had forgotten all about the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme but it seemed that no-one else had as the place was pretty full even at 11am, we snagged the last table with the promise that we would be in and out within an hour. No problem, I literally can inhale the food when I am hungry enough


The meal deal on the Brunch menu at Homemade was a “Bacon & Cheese topped burger with Fries and a Drink” for £9.50. Now that in itself seemed a pretty sweet deal anyway, but today as we were able to take advantage of the #EatOutToHelpOut offer we were getting this lot for £4.75. You really cannot turn your nose up at an offering like that


The burger itself was pretty good, well I am not going to pretend that we are in Secret Burger or Annies terrotory but we are looking down at a really well made burger sandwich that was about to hit the spot.

The patty was topped with some nice slices of bacon and a layer of molten cheese slice, sitting on top of sliced tomato and a bed of mixed salad leaves. The bun was a nice soft one, and the whole thing was set up to eat well and did eat well.

I would be happy to get a burger like this at the pub and was happy to get one like this here today

The burger came with a rather large pot of skinny fries, almost too many, but I did eat all of mine without too much effort. The coleslaw looked good and was clearly homemade, I liked it well enough but left most of it (no offence 🙂 )

I would have said that this was all really good value without the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme anyway, but with it, well it was exceptional value and we were very pleased with this brunch.

They do have an interesting Brunchtime menu, apart from the Burger deal there were plenty of other options that I almost had instead.

I do love a Croque Madame, a ham and cheese toastie topped with a fried egg, and they were offering one for just £6.50

The Fish Finger sandwich with Fries for £7 is another renowned Homemade classic and I almost had that

Secretly I was hoping that they would have something like the The “Homemade Mega Weekend Brunch”, that they were doing when I last visited in 2015 where you get a plate of ‘Handmade Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Black Pudding, Beans, Baked Vine Tomatoes, Hash Browns, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Chunky Toast.’

But it’s all a bit different at the moment so I am gratefully accepting what I get served when and where I can 🙂

I was really glad that we had taken a chance on Homemade at the Pavilion for lunch. They were really welcoming, well organised and despite the vysors and the masks you could almost forget that we are eating out with restrictions in place.

The track and place was in place, you could order your food through their website from your table, and it was quite easy to do. If you had trouble or were struggling they were happy to help or to just take an order the old normal way.

They have kept all the quality and enjoyment of eating out at Homemade and just added on gently all the things to keep us and them safe at these times. A very Good Job!


Homemade at the Pavilion is located at the Forest Recreation Ground Pavilion, Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG5 2BU. Parking is free in the Park & Ride site by the Forest recreation Tram stop

You can check them out on the Homemade website, on their Facebook page, their Twitter Feed, and their Instagram profile. Looking at the social channels I would suggest facebook and insta are the ones to check out.

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